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TeamTotal Points
Team Joker67.50
The Empire51.50
Team Erik50.00
Team Lorin46.00
Team Sapinski45.00
Dark Angel40.50

Message Board

On Mon May 20 22:41:26 2024 Erik Engquist wrote:
Yankees SP over 7 games (May 12-19) each went 6 IP or more and allowed 7 total runs. Only twice have Yankees SP done that before, in 1932 (George Pipgras, Red Ruffing, Lefty Gomez, and Johnny Allen) and 1963 (Jim Bouton, Whitey Ford, Al Downing, Stan Williams and Ralph Terry). One difference: The 1932 starters all pitched complete games. So did the 1963 starters, except for Williams, who was pulled after 11.1 IP. A reliever got two outs.
On Sun May 19 20:11:12 2024 Josh Steinberg wrote:
Alek Manoah. I guess Geoff knows what he's doing
On Mon May 13 12:22:26 2024 Erik Engquist wrote:
Torkelson hits HR No. 1!
On Mon Apr 29 20:20:19 2024 Joe Voyticky wrote:
A few owners have questioned my recent trade with Mike. Well, last Friday in "Recent News for my Team" I happened across this: "Mason Miller working on balking problem." "Hmm," I thought. So I read further. "Mason Miller has been having an issue coming to a set position prior to deliver a pitch due to an overwhelming need to scratch his genital region. A's pitching coach Scott Emerson said: 'Look, it is an unusual situation. Mason spent some time with Trevor Bauer in Mexico and suddenly he had an issue...down there. We've tried all of the available remedies but to no avail. He's a pro, he'll figure it out." When asked about the itch, Miller said, "Fu@k'n Bauer, I always wondered why he twitched so much on the mound. Hey, it's a problem, it's an itch: it must be scratched."
On Mon Apr 29 18:45:12 2024 Josh Steinberg wrote:
Torkelson turned it on in the 2nd half last year. Feel free to trade him to us around July 1.
On Sun Apr 28 09:35:37 2024 Joe Voyticky wrote:
If anyone is passing through Detroit; please let Mr. Torkelson know that the season has, in fact, started.
On Sun Apr 28 09:32:40 2024 Joe Voyticky wrote:
My team batting average is .222 - I was under the mistaken impression that I was drafting professional hitters….uggh
On Sat Apr 27 05:55:26 2024 Josh Steinberg wrote:
Why haven't we slipped from 1st place? Because of Emerson HanCOCK
On Mon Apr 15 07:04:35 2024 Joe Voyticky wrote:
You get what you pay for. He’s probably 65.
On Mon Apr 15 03:05:34 2024 Erik Engquist wrote:
There's a reason Moncada went for 30 cents or whatever you paid, Joe! He's been hurt ever since his 25-HR season.

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