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New Team 1049.50
New Team 949.50
New Team 849.50
New Team 749.50
New Team 649.50
New Team 549.50
New Team 449.50
New Team 349.50
New Team 249.50
New Team 149.50

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Sun Apr 2222:49Andrew Bogut set to join Sydney Kings in Australian league
Sun Apr 2220:39Andrew Bogut set to join Sydney Kings in Australian league
Sun Apr 2219:19Cavaliers will start Calderon in place of injured Hill
Sun Apr 2217:49Blazers' overall good season ends on a disappointing note
Sun Apr 2213:29Game 4s: Jazz look for 3-1 lead, Wolves aim to tie Rockets
Sun Apr 2212:19Calderon to start for Cavs if injured George Hill can't play
Sun Apr 2202:39Dominant Davis wills Pelicans into 2nd round of playoffs
Sat Apr 2120:59NBA fines Wizards' Markieff Morris, Celtics' Marcus Morris
Sat Apr 2117:19Unaccustomed to 1st-round holes, LeBron needs win at Pacers
Sat Apr 2116:19Turner returns, Harkless out for Portland in Game 4
Sat Apr 2112:19Curry cleared for modified practice after knee injury
Sat Apr 2110:39Heat's Winslow fined $15,000 for stepping on Embiid's mask
Sat Apr 2104:29Advantage Utah? Jazz's Derrick Favors "100 percent" back
Fri Apr 2022:29Heat's Winslow fined $15,000 for stepping on Embiid's mask
Fri Apr 2020:48Bucks starting center John Henson out for Game 3
Fri Apr 2020:28Cavaliers players show up to Pacers game wearing same suits
Fri Apr 2018:39Towns, T-wolves return home in big hole against Rockets
Fri Apr 2017:48Curry cleared to take part in modified practice for Warriors
Fri Apr 2011:08Cavaliers expect Love to play in Game 3 of Pacers series
Fri Apr 2002:28With new arena near, Bucks seek elusive playoff series win
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