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Mon Jan 2223:50AP source: Cubs having active talks with RHP Yu Darvish
Mon Jan 2221:40CF Austin Jackson agrees to two-year deal with Giants
Mon Jan 2221:00CF Austin Jackson agrees to two-year deal with Giants
Mon Jan 2217:00Duensing, Cubs finalize $7 million, 2-year contract
Sat Jan 2000:39Twins search for pitching begins with trio of relievers
Fri Jan 1918:19Cardinals trade OF Randal Grichuk to Toronto for 2 pitchers
Thu Jan 1818:09Kendrick, Nationals finalize $7 million, 2-year contract
Thu Jan 1817:49Dombrowski: Red Sox prepared to go to camp without new bat
Thu Jan 1817:19Mets finalize 1-year deal with 1B Adrian Gonzalez
Thu Jan 1816:39Felipe Rivero finalizes $22M, 4-year deal with Pirates
Wed Jan 1719:04Minnesota Twins hire retired Justin Morneau as assistant
Wed Jan 1717:54Slow market changed Bruce's outlook before return to Mets
Wed Jan 1717:14Cole excited to join Verlander, Keuchel on Astros staff
Wed Jan 1715:34Pirates fans urge MLB to force owner Nutting to sell
Wed Jan 1715:14AP source: Cubs, Duensing agree to $7 million, 2-year deal
Wed Jan 1714:34Hand's $19.75M Padres' deal includes $1.75M signing bonus
Wed Jan 1714:34Andrew McCutchen eager for challenge of a tough right field
Tue Jan 1621:04Jay Bruce, Mets finalize $39 million, 3-year deal
Tue Jan 1619:44While Rangers want to add rotation depth, Yu still unlikely
Tue Jan 1619:34Reliever Addison Reed, Twins finalize $16.75M, 2-year deal
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