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Def Fresh Flow26
Team Erik25
Team Lorin19
The Sith Lords13

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On Mon Nov 19 01:02:55 2018 Tim Schell wrote:
Not enjoying the initial return on my trade with Erik!
On Thu Nov 8 17:39:37 2018 Geoff Buchan wrote:
I'm glad he's healthy, but my decision late Monday to bench Hasan Whiteside this week isn't looking good. Yes, he did miss Monday, but he had a monster game last night: 29 points, 20 reb, 9 blocks. That's a good *week* from Nerlens Noel!
On Thu Nov 8 09:45:00 2018 A.J. Stephani wrote:
We got an early barn burner of a league this year! Joe, Lorin and Chris are bound to make up some ground as well. . . .
On Mon Oct 22 18:00:12 2018 Erik Engquist wrote:
I have extra 2Gs. Looking for an upgrade at C or PF, but would consider all offers. J.J. Redick had 31 points on my bench in his last game.
On Sat Oct 13 21:53:26 2018 Erik Engquist wrote:
I really want to draft Jaron Blossomgame.
On Sat Oct 13 09:04:06 2018 Tim Schell wrote:
Season 31 is here!
On Fri Apr 13 01:28:59 2018 Erik Engquist wrote:
Was my fault, Jeff, for not beating AJ in points. I was up by maybe 600 and starting to prioritize FG%, then Kyrie went down. Impossible to replace his scoring at the PG position.
On Thu Apr 12 10:00:11 2018 Jeffrey Burd wrote:
Interestingly, if the season ended a day early I would have won outright. If the season were extended a single day, I'm certain I would have finished second.
On Thu Apr 12 09:58:13 2018 Jeffrey Burd wrote:
Thanks. I'm happy the drought has ended. Congrats to AJ for his third title in the last four years. The year he didn't win, he finished second. Impressive.
On Thu Apr 12 06:45:53 2018 A.J. Stephani wrote:
Jeff fought long and hard for his first championship - I am thrilled to stand alongside him in the winners' circle.

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