Detail: Rafael Devers

TeamRed SoxPosition3BDepth 1st at 3B
BatsLThrowsRRoto Transactions
Roto StatusFree AgentPro StatusActive


2018Red Sox121450108240213596652386020.240.298.433.318
2017Red Sox5822263140102343031183000.284.338.482.359
Total MLB179672171380315939683569020.254.311.449.332
2017 Projections
RV Current186507131293171656262343321.257.305.429.319

2017 Game Log

2017-10-01v Hou3B411000120000000.250.250.500.312
2017-09-30v Hou3B411000010000000.250.250.500.312
2017-09-29v Hou3B411000010000000.250.250.500.312
2017-09-28v Hou3B400000000000000.
2017-09-27v Tor3B400000100000000.
2017-09-26v Tor3B400000000000000.
2017-09-25v Tor3B310000000010000.333.500.333.400
2017-09-24@ Cin3B420010120000000.500.5001.250.725
2017-09-23@ Cin3B311000000010000.333.500.667.487
2017-09-22@ Cin3B420010130000000.500.5001.250.725
2017-09-19@ Bal3B420000000000000.500.500.500.450
2017-09-18@ Bal3B520000100000000.400.400.400.360
2017-09-17@ TB3B300000000000000.
2017-09-16@ TB3B411000010000000.250.250.500.312
2017-09-15@ TB3B610001220021000.167.375.167.357
2017-09-14v Oak3B411000100000000.250.250.500.312
2017-09-13v Oak3B410000000000000.
2017-09-12v Oak3B410000100000000.
2017-09-10v TB3B400000000000000.
2017-09-09v TB3B521000100000000.400.400.600.430
2017-09-08v TB3B3310002000100001.0001.0001.333.938
2017-09-06v Tor3B420000110000000.500.500.500.450
2017-09-05v TorPH100000000000000.
2017-09-03@ NYY3B410000000000000.
2017-09-02@ NYY3B410000000100000.
2017-09-01@ NYY3B410000000000000.
2017-08-31@ NYY3B200000000020000.000.500.000.350
2017-08-30@ Tor3B320000101010000.667.750.667.688
2017-08-29@ Tor3B410000000000000.
2017-08-28@ Tor3B400000000000000.
2017-08-27v Bal3B422000010000000.500.5001.000.625
2017-08-26v Bal3B400000000000000.
2017-08-25v Bal3B410000100000000.
2017-08-24@ Cle3B300000100010000.
2017-08-23@ Cle3B410000100000000.
2017-08-22@ Cle3B500000000000000.
2017-08-21@ Cle3B400000000000000.
2017-08-20v NYY3B300000000011000.
2017-08-19v NYY3B420010210000000.500.5001.250.725
2017-08-18v NYY3B420010221000000.500.5001.250.787
2017-08-16v StL3B311000000010000.333.500.667.487
2017-08-15v StL3B420000210011000.500.600.500.450
2017-08-14v Cle3B420020220000000.500.5002.0001.000
2017-08-13@ NYYPH,DH310010110000000.333.3331.333.667
2017-08-12@ NYY3B421000020000000.500.500.750.537
2017-08-11@ NYY3B410000000000000.
2017-08-08@ TB3B400000010000000.
2017-08-06v CWS3B310000001010000.333.500.333.462
2017-08-05v CWS3B400000000000000.
2017-08-04v CWS3B410000100000000.
2017-08-03v CWS3B410011120010000.250.4001.000.720
2017-08-01v Cle3B420000200010000.500.600.500.500
2017-07-31v Cle3B4410000100000001.0001.0001.250.988
2017-07-30v KC3B310010110010000.333.5001.333.675
2017-07-29v KC3B520000010000000.400.400.400.360
2017-07-28v KC3B411000100000000.250.250.500.312
2017-07-26@ Sea3B420010110000000.500.5001.250.725
2017-07-25@ Sea3B400000100020000.000.333.000.233
2017-03-11@ Min3B310000000000000.333.333.333.300

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