Detail: José Iglesias

TeamTigersPositionSSDepth 1st at SS
BatsRThrowsRRoto Transactions
Roto StatusFree AgentPro StatusActive


2013Red Sox6421571127193.330
2012Red Sox256881521.1180.000000000.0000.00
2011Red Sox10620300.3330.000000000.0000.00
Total MLB65722025942124718846.270
2017 Projections
RV Current134531135660468.255

2017 Game Log

2017-09-30@ MinSS100000.000
2017-09-28@ KCSS510000.200
2017-09-27@ KCSS400000.000
2017-09-26@ KCSS400000.000
2017-09-24v MinSS420200.500
2017-09-23v MinSS310000.333
2017-09-22v MinSS300000.000
2017-09-21v MinSS310100.333
2017-09-20v OakSS410000.250
2017-09-19v OakSS410010.250
2017-09-18v OakSS400000.000
2017-09-16v CWSSS400000.000
2017-09-15v CWSSS300000.000
2017-09-14v CWSSS410010.250
2017-09-13@ CleSS300000.000
2017-09-05v KCSS321110.667
2017-09-04v KCSS420210.500
2017-09-03v CleSS310000.333
2017-09-02v CleSS410010.250
2017-09-01v CleSS430010.750
2017-08-30@ ColSS3300001.000
2017-08-29@ ColSS200000.000
2017-08-28@ ColSS400000.000
2017-08-27@ CWSSS300000.000
2017-08-26@ CWSSS410100.250
2017-08-25@ CWSSS310020.333
2017-08-24v NYYSS3300411.000
2017-08-23v NYYSS421110.500
2017-08-22v NYYSS320000.667
2017-08-19v LADSS400000.000
2017-08-18v LADSS400000.000
2017-08-16@ TexSS400000.000
2017-08-15@ TexSS410020.250
2017-08-14@ TexSS410000.250
2017-08-13v MinSS400000.000
2017-08-12v MinSS411130.250
2017-08-11v MinSS410110.250
2017-08-10v PitSS200000.000
2017-08-09v PitSS400100.000
2017-08-05@ BalSS200000.000
2017-08-04@ BalSS310100.333
2017-08-03@ BalSS410100.250
2017-08-02@ NYYSS000000.000
2017-07-31@ NYYSS300000.000
2017-07-30v HouSS320210.667
2017-07-29v HouSS320120.667
2017-07-26v KCSS310010.333
2017-07-25v KCSS400000.000
2017-07-24v KCSS500000.000
2017-07-23@ MinSS531230.600
2017-07-22@ MinSS420100.500
2017-07-21@ MinSS320201.667
2017-07-20@ KCSS410110.250
2017-07-19@ KCSS400000.000
2017-07-17@ KCSS410020.250
2017-07-16v TorSS400000.000
2017-07-15v TorSS430111.750
2017-07-14v TorSS420100.500
2017-07-09@ CleSS430110.750
2017-07-08@ CleSS300000.000
2017-07-07@ CleSS310000.333
2017-07-05v SFSS300000.000
2017-07-04v SFSS300100.000
2017-07-02v CleSS400100.000
2017-07-01v CleSS420020.500
2017-07-01v CleSS200000.000
2017-06-28v KCSS210000.500
2017-06-27v KCSS410100.250
2017-06-25@ SDSS410010.250
2017-06-24@ SDSS400000.000
2017-06-23@ SDSS300000.000
2017-06-22@ SeaSS400010.000
2017-06-21@ SeaSS400000.000
2017-06-20@ SeaSS400000.000
2017-06-19@ SeaSS420100.500
2017-06-17v TBSS300000.000
2017-06-16v TBSS310010.333
2017-06-15v TBSS410000.250
2017-06-14v AriSS310000.333
2017-06-13v AriSS420010.500
2017-06-11@ BosSS310000.333
2017-06-10@ BosSS420100.500
2017-06-09@ BosSS430000.750
2017-06-07v LAASS400000.000
2017-06-06v LAASS410000.250
2017-06-04v CWSSS300010.000
2017-06-03v CWSSS430230.750
2017-06-02v CWSSS430401.750
2017-05-31@ KCSS410000.250
2017-05-30@ KCSS310000.333
2017-05-29@ KCSS430200.750
2017-05-28@ CWSSS300000.000
2017-05-27@ CWSSS310000.333
2017-05-26@ CWSSS500000.000
2017-05-25@ HouSS420020.500
2017-05-24@ HouSS431320.750
2017-05-23@ HouSS300000.000
2017-05-20v TexSS400000.000
2017-05-19v TexSS410100.250
2017-05-18v BalSS310100.333
2017-05-17v BalSS400000.000
2017-05-16v BalSS720000.286
2017-05-13@ LAASS400000.000
2017-05-12@ LAASS300000.000
2017-05-11@ LAASS400000.000
2017-05-10@ AriSS310000.333
2017-05-09@ AriSS510100.200
2017-05-07@ OakSS400000.000
2017-05-06@ OakSS520200.400
2017-05-05@ OakSS410210.250
2017-05-03v CleSS310000.333
2017-05-02v CleSS000000.000
2017-05-01v CleSS300100.000
2017-04-30v CWSSS420030.500
2017-04-29v CWSSS400000.000
2017-04-28v CWSSS400001.000
2017-04-27v SeaSS300000.000
2017-04-19@ TBSS310200.333
2017-04-18@ TBSS310001.333
2017-04-16@ CleSS310001.333
2017-04-15@ CleSS410100.250
2017-04-14@ CleSS430210.750
2017-04-13v MinSS430020.750
2017-04-12v MinSS200000.000
2017-04-10v BosSS300000.000
2017-04-09v BosSS400000.000
2017-04-08v BosSS321220.667
2017-04-07v BosSS400000.000
2017-04-06@ CWSSS400000.000
2017-04-04@ CWSSS400000.000
2017-03-29v PhiSS2200001.000

Recent News

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Wed Dec 19 201804:34Mercer the latest quiet addition for busy Detroit Tigers
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Thu Aug 30 201800:16Yelich hits for cycle, Brewers top Reds 13-12 in 10 innings
Wed Aug 29 201823:55Red Sox rally with 11-run inning to beat Marlins 14-6
Wed Aug 29 201823:15Red Sox rally with 11-run inning to beat Marlins 14-6
Wed Aug 29 201819:05Todd Frazier hits grand slam, Mets beat Cubs 10-3
Sun Aug 19 201823:01Verlander wins 200th, Astros back ahead of A's with 9-4 win
Sun Aug 19 201821:01Verlander wins 200th, Astros back ahead of A's with 9-4 win
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Fri Aug 10 201823:44Texas rookie Guzman homers 3 times against Yankees
Fri Aug 10 201822:23Heyward, Rizzo help Cubs rally past Nationals, 3-2
Sat Aug 4 201802:40Ohtani has first 2-homer game in majors, Angels beat Indians
Fri Aug 3 201823:50Tigers starter Blaine Hardy gives up Lowrie infield single
Fri Aug 3 201823:40Tigers starter Blaine Hardy holds A's hitless through 6
Thu Aug 2 201801:59Gray chased in 3rd, Yankees flop in 7-5 loss to Orioles
Wed Aug 1 201823:39Gray chased in 3rd, Yankees flop in 7-5 loss to Orioles
Wed Aug 1 201819:30Gray chased in 3rd, Yankees flop in 7-5 loss to Orioles
Wed Jan 17 201820:14Tigers reach 1-year, $6,275,000 deal with Iglesias
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