Detail: Mike Trout

TeamAngelsPositionCFDepth 1st at CF
BatsRThrowsRRoto Transactions
Roto StatusFree AgentPro StatusActive


Total MLB91833751033197686563164.306
2017 Projections
RV Current148530156311078723.295

2017 Game Log

2017-09-23@ HouCF400000.000
2017-09-22@ HouCF400000.000
2017-09-21v CleCF2201001.000
2017-09-20v CleCF510010.200
2017-09-19v CleCF400000.000
2017-09-17v TexCF211120.500
2017-09-16v TexCF300000.000
2017-09-15v TexCF410101.250
2017-09-14v HouCF400000.000
2017-09-13v HouCF420110.500
2017-09-12v HouCF200000.000
2017-09-10@ SeaCF311210.333
2017-09-09@ SeaCF300000.000
2017-09-08@ SeaCF410100.250
2017-09-06@ OakDH200000.000
2017-09-05@ OakCF300002.000
2017-09-04@ OakCF400101.000
2017-09-03@ TexCF420201.500
2017-09-02@ TexCF420300.500
2017-09-01@ TexCF420201.500
2017-08-30v OakCF4414101.000
2017-08-27v HouCF300000.000
2017-08-26v HouCF300100.000
2017-08-25v HouCF200101.000
2017-08-24v TexCF300000.000
2017-08-23v TexCF300000.000
2017-08-22v TexCF520300.400
2017-08-21v TexCF410111.250
2017-08-20@ BalCF500000.000
2017-08-19@ BalCF522220.400
2017-08-18@ BalCF411120.250
2017-08-16@ WasCF410100.250
2017-08-15@ WasCF310000.333
2017-08-13@ SeaCF300100.000
2017-08-12@ SeaCF310100.333
2017-08-11@ SeaCF200200.000
2017-08-10@ SeaCF520030.400
2017-08-09v BalDH320000.667
2017-08-08v BalCF200000.000
2017-08-07v BalCF421210.500
2017-08-06v OakCF411211.250
2017-08-05v OakCF410000.250
2017-08-04v OakCF430010.750
2017-08-03v PhiCF321120.667
2017-08-02v PhiCF311120.333
2017-08-01v PhiCF420200.500
2017-07-30@ TorCF320200.667
2017-07-29@ TorCF520110.400
2017-07-28@ TorCF410020.250
2017-07-27@ CleCF400000.000
2017-07-26@ CleCF530000.600
2017-07-25@ CleCF410100.250
2017-07-23v BosCF411110.250
2017-07-22v BosCF410111.250
2017-07-21v BosCF200000.000
2017-07-19v WasCF311220.333
2017-07-18v WasCF411120.250
2017-07-16v TBCF410000.250
2017-07-15v TBCF320000.667
2017-07-14v TBCF510001.200
2017-05-28@ MiaCF200001.000
2017-05-27@ MiaCF421110.500
2017-05-26@ MiaCF300100.000
2017-05-25@ TBDH410000.250
2017-05-24@ TBCF420100.500
2017-05-23@ TBCF311210.333
2017-05-22@ TBCF300000.000
2017-05-21@ NYMCF321231.667
2017-05-20@ NYMCF200110.000
2017-05-19@ NYMCF320000.667
2017-05-17v CWSCF411130.250
2017-05-16v CWSCF300101.000
2017-05-15v CWSCF311110.333
2017-05-14v DetDH1111221.000
2017-05-13v DetCF2211101.000
2017-05-12v DetCF511120.200
2017-05-11v DetDH400000.000
2017-05-05v HouCF410110.250
2017-05-03@ SeaCF411120.250
2017-05-02@ SeaCF310200.333
2017-04-30@ TexCF310000.333
2017-04-29@ TexCF320110.667
2017-04-28@ TexCF431220.750
2017-04-27v OakCF310100.333
2017-04-26v OakCF510101.200
2017-04-25v OakCF311110.333
2017-04-24v TorCF410100.250
2017-04-23v TorCF420001.500
2017-04-22v TorCF420200.500
2017-04-21v TorCF621120.333
2017-04-20@ HouCF411110.250
2017-04-19@ HouCF420000.500
2017-04-18@ HouCF310110.333
2017-04-17@ HouCF320001.667
2017-04-16@ KCCF400000.000
2017-04-15@ KCDH210001.500
2017-04-14@ KCCF410010.250
2017-04-13v TexCF2200011.000
2017-04-12v TexCF411110.250
2017-04-11v TexCF520210.400
2017-04-09v SeaCF300100.000
2017-04-08v SeaCF411120.250
2017-04-07v SeaCF210010.500
2017-04-06@ OakCF300000.000
2017-04-05@ OakCF520010.400
2017-04-04@ OakCF410010.250
2017-04-03@ OakCF421120.500

Recent News

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Mon Sep 1805:25CF Mike Trout hit 29th home run of season against Rangers on Sun...
Sun Sep 1705:22CF Mike Trout batted leadoff against Texas Rangers on Saturday n...
Sat Sep 1604:07CF Mike Trout 1 for 4 with single, continuing personal trend of ...
Wed Sep 1305:11CF Mike Trout 0-2 with walk and hit by pitch in 1-0 loss to Hous...
Mon Sep 1101:21CF Mike Trout hit 28th home run of season Sunday, putting him on...
Sun Sep 1005:10CF Mike Trout had short night Saturday, when he 0-3 before takin...
Sat Sep 904:54CF Mike Trout had streak of 14 consecutive games with walk snapp...
Thu Sep 705:18CF Mike Trout set Angels franchise record Wednesday against Oakl...
Wed Sep 607:32CF Mike Trout walked for 13th consecutive game Tuesday night, ma...
Tue Sep 504:14CF Mike Trout fouled ball off right foot in top of 11th inning o...
Mon Sep 402:45OF Mike Trout 2-4 with run scored and walk
Sun Sep 306:25OF Mike Trout 2-4 with two doubles and three runs scored on Satu...
Sat Sep 204:34OF Mike Trout reached base in first four at-bats to run streak o...
Thu Aug 3104:21CF Mike Trout back in starting lineup Wednesday against A's afte...
Wed Aug 3004:05CF Mike Trout not in starting lineup for second game in row Tues...
Tue Aug 2903:12CF Mike Trout not in starting lineup Monday, precautionary day o...
Mon Aug 2802:23CF Mike Trout 0-3 with two walks on Sunday against Houston Astro...
Fri Aug 2503:13CF Mike Trout 3-23 since hitting second home run of game on Satu...
Wed Aug 2305:54CF Mike Trout 2-5 with three runs scored against Texas Rangers o...
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