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Total MLB211779432519520160398.317

2010 Game Log

2010-10-03v Col1B20000.000
2010-10-02v ColPH00000.000
2010-10-01v Col1B40000.000
2010-09-30v Col1B32011.667
2010-09-28v Pit1B31000.333
2010-09-27v Pit1B32010.667
2010-09-26@ ChC1B41130.250
2010-09-25@ ChC1B32010.667
2010-09-24@ ChC1B21001.500
2010-09-23@ Pit1B43230.750
2010-09-22@ Pit1B20000.000
2010-09-21@ Pit1B42020.500
2010-09-20@ Fla1B30000.000
2010-09-19v SD1B31000.333
2010-09-18v SD1B30000.000
2010-09-17v SD1B53020.600
2010-09-16v SD1B41010.250
2010-09-15v ChC1B20000.000
2010-09-13v ChC1B30000.000
2010-09-12@ Atl1B52220.400
2010-09-11@ Atl1B51030.200
2010-09-10@ Atl1B40000.000
2010-09-09@ Atl1B42110.500
2010-09-08@ Mil1B32110.667
2010-09-07@ Mil1B41000.250
2010-09-06@ Mil1B31010.333
2010-09-05v Cin1B30000.000
2010-09-04v Cin1B41000.250
2010-09-03v Cin1B30010.000
2010-09-01@ Hou1B40000.000
2010-08-31@ Hou1B30000.000
2010-08-30@ Hou1B30000.000
2010-08-29@ Was1B41000.250
2010-08-28@ Was1B31010.333
2010-08-27@ Was1B41110.250
2010-08-26@ Was1B42110.500
2010-08-25@ Pit1B40000.000
2010-08-24@ Pit1B53000.600
2010-08-23@ Pit1B53130.600
2010-08-22v SF1B31010.333
2010-08-21v SF1B41001.250
2010-08-20v SF1B42110.500
2010-08-18v Mil1B41000.250
2010-08-17v Mil1B31110.333
2010-08-15v ChC1B31110.333
2010-08-14v ChC1B42000.500
2010-08-13v ChC1B53110.600
2010-08-11@ Cin1B40000.000
2010-08-10@ Cin1B31010.333
2010-08-09@ Cin1B42010.500
2010-08-07@ Fla1B42000.500
2010-08-06@ Fla1B53140.600
2010-08-04v Hou1B53130.600
2010-08-03v Hou1B52000.400
2010-08-02v Hou1B42110.500
2010-08-01v Pit1B41120.250
2010-07-31v Pit1B53110.600
2010-07-30v Pit1B41000.250
2010-07-29@ NYM1B40000.000
2010-07-28@ NYM1B73010.429
2010-07-27@ NYM1B50000.000
2010-07-25@ ChC1B41110.250
2010-07-24@ ChC1B20010.000
2010-07-23@ ChC1B40000.000
2010-07-22v Phi1B40000.000
2010-07-21v Phi1B31011.333
2010-07-20v Phi1B41001.250
2010-07-19v Phi1B42130.500
2010-07-18v LADPH10000.000
2010-07-17v LAD1B30000.000
2010-07-16v LAD1B51000.200
2010-07-15v LAD1B53000.600
2010-07-11@ Hou1B21000.500
2010-07-10@ Hou1B42000.500
2010-07-09@ Hou1B42130.500
2010-07-08@ Col1B41000.250
2010-07-07@ Col1B50000.000
2010-07-06@ Col1B42010.500
2010-07-04v Mil1B41000.250
2010-07-03v Mil1B31111.333
2010-07-02v Mil1B30010.000
2010-07-01v Mil1B41110.250
2010-06-30v Ari1B51001.200
2010-06-29v Ari1B43250.750
2010-06-28v Ari1B41010.250
2010-06-27@ KC1B31111.333
2010-06-26@ KC1B41000.250
2010-06-25@ KC1B30000.000
2010-06-24@ Tor1B41000.250
2010-06-23@ Tor1B54000.800
2010-06-22@ Tor1B40000.000
2010-06-20v Oak1B41000.250
2010-06-19v Oak1B20000.000
2010-06-18v Oak1B21010.500
2010-06-16v Sea1B41000.250
2010-06-15v Sea1B31110.333
2010-06-14v Sea1B330101.000
2010-06-13@ Ari1B42030.500
2010-06-12@ Ari1B30000.000
2010-06-11@ Ari1B40000.000
2010-06-09@ LAD1B31000.333
2010-06-08@ LAD1B40000.000
2010-06-07@ LAD1B40000.000
2010-06-06v Mil1B31111.333
2010-06-05v Mil1B41120.250
2010-06-04v Mil1B31020.333
2010-06-02v Cin1B31002.333
2010-06-01v Cin1B52000.400
2010-05-31v Cin1B32010.667
2010-05-30@ ChC1B333401.000
2010-05-29@ ChC1B30000.000
2010-05-28@ ChC1B41020.250
2010-05-27@ SD1B41130.250
2010-05-26@ SD1B40000.000
2010-05-25@ SD1B43000.750
2010-05-23v LAA1B30002.000
2010-05-22v LAA1B40000.000
2010-05-21v LAA1B30000.000
2010-05-20v Fla1B31000.333
2010-05-19v Fla1B41000.250
2010-05-18v Was1B31000.333
2010-05-17v Was1B330001.000
2010-05-16@ Cin1B30000.000
2010-05-15@ Cin1B21000.500
2010-05-14@ Cin1B41120.250
2010-05-13v Hou1B40000.000
2010-05-12v Hou1B42020.500
2010-05-11v Hou1B42000.500
2010-05-09@ Pit1B31000.333
2010-05-08@ Pit1B31000.333
2010-05-07@ Pit1B50000.000
2010-05-06@ Phi1B31010.333
2010-05-05@ Phi1B31000.333
2010-05-04@ Phi1B51000.200
2010-05-03@ Phi1B51000.200
2010-05-02v Cin1B41030.250
2010-05-01v Cin1B31020.333
2010-04-30v Cin1B32000.667
2010-04-28v Atl1B42010.500
2010-04-27v Atl1B31001.333
2010-04-26v Atl1B43010.750
2010-04-25@ SF1B43110.750
2010-04-24@ SF1B40000.000
2010-04-23@ SF1B41000.250
2010-04-21@ Ari1B50000.000
2010-04-20@ Ari1B31110.333
2010-04-19@ Ari1B41000.250
2010-04-18v NYM1B50000.000
2010-04-17v NYM1B52000.400
2010-04-16v NYM1B40000.000
2010-04-15v Hou1B42000.500
2010-04-14v Hou1B41010.250
2010-04-12v Hou1B32140.667
2010-04-11@ Mil1B53240.600
2010-04-10@ Mil1B41020.250
2010-04-09@ Mil1B30000.000
2010-04-08@ Cin1B30000.000
2010-04-07@ Cin1B41010.250
2010-04-05@ Cin1B54230.800

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