Detail: Tommy Pham

TeamCardinalsPositionCFDepth 2nd at CF, 1st at LF
BatsRThrowsRRoto Transactions
Roto StatusFree AgentPro StatusActive


Total MLB2647582133714910829.281
2017 Projections
RV Current1563719513584613.257

2017 Game Log

2017-09-30v MilLF200200.000
2017-09-29v MilCF400000.000
2017-09-28v ChCLF420102.500
2017-09-27v ChCLF200000.000
2017-09-26v ChCLF321120.667
2017-09-25v ChCLF300000.000
2017-09-24@ PitLF300000.000
2017-09-23@ PitLF421130.500
2017-09-22@ PitLF410001.250
2017-09-21@ CinLF420101.500
2017-09-20@ CinLF530220.600
2017-09-19@ CinLF510100.200
2017-09-17@ ChCLF530000.600
2017-09-16@ ChCLF400000.000
2017-09-15@ ChCLF311110.333
2017-09-14v CinLF421222.500
2017-09-13v CinLF200000.000
2017-09-12v CinLF410420.250
2017-09-09v PitLF300000.000
2017-09-08v PitCF200100.000
2017-09-07@ SDPH100000.000
2017-09-06@ SDPR000101.000
2017-09-04@ SDLF420101.500
2017-09-03@ SFLF300100.000
2017-08-31@ SFLF430020.750
2017-08-30@ MilLF422240.500
2017-08-29@ MilLF,CF420100.500
2017-08-27v TBLF510000.200
2017-08-26v TBCF311320.333
2017-08-25v TBPH1100001.000
2017-08-24v SDLF400000.000
2017-08-23v SDLF310111.333
2017-08-22v SDLF300000.000
2017-08-20@ PitPH000000.000
2017-08-19@ PitCF400000.000
2017-08-18@ PitLF,CF411220.250
2017-08-17@ PitLF421310.500
2017-08-16@ BosLF520000.400
2017-08-15@ BosLF410100.250
2017-08-13v AtlCF410000.250
2017-08-12v AtlLF310010.333
2017-08-11v AtlLF310100.333
2017-08-10v KCLF410201.250
2017-08-09v KCLF1100001.000
2017-08-08@ KCLF510100.200
2017-08-07@ KCLF400000.000
2017-08-06@ CinCF510110.200
2017-08-05@ CinCF410110.250
2017-08-04@ CinCF420101.500
2017-08-03@ MilCF410000.250
2017-08-02@ MilCF310000.333
2017-08-01@ MilCF420110.500
2017-07-30v AriPH,CF100000.000
2017-07-29v AriLF410000.250
2017-07-28v AriLF410101.250
2017-07-27v AriLF410000.250
2017-07-26v ColLF2202101.000
2017-07-25v ColLF410000.250
2017-07-24v ColLF,CF321210.667
2017-07-23@ ChCLF300000.000
2017-07-22@ ChCLF400000.000
2017-07-21@ ChCLF420220.500
2017-07-20@ NYMLF421120.500
2017-07-19@ NYMLF510000.200
2017-07-18@ NYMLF520111.400
2017-07-17@ NYMLF321130.667
2017-07-16@ PitLF400000.000
2017-07-15@ PitLF430110.750
2017-07-14@ PitLF420101.500
2017-07-09v NYMLF3312201.000
2017-07-08v NYMCF310102.333
2017-07-07v NYMPH100000.000
2017-07-06v MiaCF510000.200
2017-07-05v MiaCF520130.400
2017-07-04v MiaCF400000.000
2017-07-03v MiaCF3302201.000
2017-07-02v WasCF311120.333
2017-07-01v WasCF400000.000
2017-06-30v WasCF420100.500
2017-06-29@ AriPH,CF1101211.000
2017-06-28@ AriCF310100.333
2017-06-27@ AriCF510101.200
2017-06-26v CinCF320311.667
2017-06-25v PitCF400100.000
2017-06-24v PitLF410000.250
2017-06-23v PitCF510000.200
2017-06-22@ PhiCF410000.250
2017-06-21@ PhiLF,CF522220.400
2017-06-20@ PhiLF521120.400
2017-06-18@ BalLF400000.000
2017-06-17@ BalLF510100.200
2017-06-16@ BalCF521220.400
2017-06-15v MilPH100000.000
2017-06-14v MilPH100000.000
2017-06-13v MilLF400000.000
2017-06-13v MilCF410000.250
2017-06-11v PhiLF420211.500
2017-06-10v PhiLF200000.000
2017-06-09v PhiLF420000.500
2017-06-08@ CinLF300000.000
2017-06-07@ CinCF320101.667
2017-06-06@ CinLF,CF200000.000
2017-06-05@ CinLF310110.333
2017-06-04@ ChCLF300100.000
2017-06-03@ ChCLF310100.333
2017-06-01v LADLF400000.000
2017-05-31v LADLF310100.333
2017-05-30v LADRF300100.000
2017-05-29v LADLF310101.333
2017-05-28@ ColLF411110.250
2017-05-27@ ColLF431120.750
2017-05-26@ ColLF310000.333
2017-05-25@ LADLF320100.667
2017-05-23@ LADPH100000.000
2017-05-21v SFLF410100.250
2017-05-20v SFPH100000.000
2017-05-19v SFLF300010.000
2017-05-17v BosLF510010.200
2017-05-16v BosLF300010.000
2017-05-14v ChCLF410001.250
2017-05-13v ChCLF320221.667
2017-05-12v ChCLF400000.000
2017-05-10@ MiaLF410100.250
2017-05-09@ MiaLF420110.500
2017-05-08@ MiaLF410100.250
2017-05-07@ AtlLF542231.800
2017-05-06@ AtlCF300000.000
2017-05-05@ AtlCF421120.500

Recent News

Fri Feb 913:13NL Central teams at the start of spring training
Thu Feb 817:11St. Louis Cardinals intent on ending 2-year playoff drought
Fri Jan 1918:19Cardinals trade OF Randal Grichuk to Toronto for 2 pitchers
Thu Sep 28 201705:05LF Tommy Pham (left side contusion) back in lineup Wednesday nig...
Wed Sep 27 201705:56LF Tommy Pham (left side contusion) left Tuesday night's game fo...
Mon Sep 25 201704:55OF Tommy Pham stranded total of five runners in fifth and sevent...
Sun Sep 24 201703:45LF Tommy Pham 2-4 with three RBIs, on two-run homer in first and...
Sat Sep 16 201704:06LF Tommy Pham belted solo homer in first inning Friday to open s...
Fri Sep 15 201705:42LF Tommy Pham became first Cardinal since Reggie Sanders in 2004...
Mon Sep 11 201701:20OF Tommy Pham out of Cardinals' lineup on Sunday because of visi...
Sat Sep 9 201704:55OF Tommy Pham (shoulder) also returned to lineup after not start...
Tue Sep 5 201704:14LF Tommy Pham left game in seventh inning when shoulder started ...
Sun Sep 3 201706:26LF Tommy Pham (bruised thumb) sat out second straight game Satur...
Sat Sep 2 201704:32LF Tommy Pham (sprained thumb) did not play in Friday's game aga...
Fri Sep 1 201706:27LF Tommy Pham recorded 32nd multi-hit game of season in Thursday...
Sun Aug 27 201705:20OF Tommy Pham (foot) back in lineup Saturday night after not sta...
Sat Aug 26 201704:54OF Tommy Pham (foot) didn't start Friday night, although he pinc...
Sat Aug 19 201704:32LF Tommy Pham 1-4 with walk and two runs scored
Fri Aug 18 201704:03LF Tommy Pham 2-4 with walk and three runs scored
Thu Aug 17 201704:56LF Tommy Pham doubled in first inning and singled in second, ext...
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