Detail: Chris Sale

TeamRed SoxPositionSPDepth 1st at SP
BatsLThrowsLRoto Transactions
Roto StatusLas Vegas Giants: ActivePro StatusActive


2018Red Sox27158.0010211237340143712400.8612.111.92
2017Red Sox32214.331652430843086917800.9702.902.40
2016White Sox32226.67190272334521784171001.0373.343.39
2015White Sox31208.67185232744201379131101.0883.412.70
2014White Sox26174.0012913208392114212400.9662.172.51
2013White Sox30214.33183232264621473111401.0683.073.20
2012White Sox30192.001671919251566517801.1353.053.20
2011White Sox5871.00526792732222281.1132.793.07
2010White Sox2123.3315232100052141.0711.932.76
Total MLB2871482.3311881481789337148547610362121.0292.892.81
2017 Projections
RV Current31214.32191272555011285161001.1243.583.18

2017 Game Log

2017-09-26v TorSP5.0084820150102.0009.0012.10
2017-09-20@ BalSP8.00401300001000.5000.00-0.15
2017-09-15@ TBSP5.6762930040001.5886.356.10
2017-09-09v TBSP6.0060810101001.1670.001.43
2017-09-03@ NYYSP4.3373620030102.0776.2310.72
2017-08-29@ TorSP7.00301100001000.4290.00-0.04
2017-08-24@ CleSP3.0070330060103.33318.004.10
2017-08-19v NYYSP7.0072910140101.1435.145.10
2017-08-13@ NYYSP7.00401220010000.8571.290.53
2017-08-08@ TBSP8.00201310001000.3750.000.23
2017-08-01v CleSP5.0082510070001.80012.606.90
2017-07-26@ SeaSP7.00301110101000.5710.000.81
2017-07-21@ LAASP6.0040920001001.0000.001.10
2017-07-15v NYYSP7.67301320000000.6520.000.49
2017-07-06@ TBSP7.00721200040101.0005.143.39
2017-07-01@ TorSP7.00401110201000.7140.001.24
2017-06-26v MinSP6.3341920011000.9471.423.26
2017-06-20@ KCSP8.33421010031000.6003.244.18
2017-06-15@ PhiSP8.00401010010100.6251.120.98
2017-06-10v DetSP7.0090700031001.2863.861.10
2017-06-04@ BalSP6.0060910031001.1674.500.60
2017-05-30@ CWSSP5.00101920051002.4009.003.30
2017-05-24v TexSP7.3361610031000.9553.683.65
2017-05-19@ OakSP7.00701000020001.0002.570.24
2017-05-13v TBSP7.00221220031000.5713.864.24
2017-05-07@ MinSP6.00401030141001.1676.001.77
2017-05-02v BalSP8.00311120021000.6252.252.73
2017-04-27v NYYSP8.00801000120101.0002.250.98
2017-04-20@ TorSP8.00401310000000.6250.000.23
2017-04-15v TBSP7.00301230011000.8571.290.96
2017-04-10@ DetSP7.67511010020100.7832.352.58
2017-04-05v PitSP7.0030710000000.5710.001.53

Recent News

Thu Dec 13 201804:52Morton to Rays and a Tanner-for-Tanner trade at meetings
Wed Dec 12 201821:12Morton to Rays and a Tanner-for-Tanner trade at meetings
Tue Dec 11 201819:31Champion Red Sox not looking to cut top payroll in majors
Mon Dec 10 201817:01Eovaldi wanted to remain in Red Sox rotation, not relieve
Fri Dec 7 201811:50Eovaldi agrees to $68 million, 4-year deal with Red Sox
Thu Dec 6 201818:40Eovaldi agrees to $68 million, 4-year deal with Red Sox
Mon Dec 3 201821:57Absent Eovaldi steals show at Red Sox video premiere
Wed Nov 14 201821:46Mets' deGrom gets Cy with record-low wins; Snell takes AL
Wed Nov 14 201820:56Mets' deGrom gets Cy with record-low wins; Snell takes AL
Wed Nov 14 201820:36Cora gets new deal from Red Sox through 2021 season
Wed Nov 14 201819:16Mets' deGrom gets Cy with record-low wins; Snell takes AL
Wed Nov 14 201819:06Winner, winner! Mets' deGrom gets Cy with record-low wins
Wed Nov 14 201818:36Cy-zilla! Snell edges Verlander for AL Cy Young Award
Tue Nov 6 201823:12Friedman: Machado's lack of hustle was not a secret
Tue Nov 6 201821:12Friedman: Machado's lack of hustle was not a secret
Thu Nov 1 201817:22Red Sox look to offseason with goal of repeat championship
Tue Oct 30 201820:08Red Sox exercise $15 million 2019 option on ace Chris Sale
Tue Oct 30 201818:28Red Sox exercise $15 million 2019 option on ace Chris Sale
Tue Oct 30 201815:28Red Sox exercise $15 million 2019 option on ace Chris Sale
Mon Oct 29 201802:21Well-traveled Pearce finds a place _ as World Series MVP
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