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TeamNationalsPositionRFDepth 1st at RF
BatsLThrowsRRoto Transactions
Roto StatusTexas BigSticks: ActivePro StatusActive


Total MLB702250270713317136745637558284205216229.283.385.512.385
2017 Projections
RV Current14451014628231293891069614341.285.398.531.396

2017 Game Log

2017-05-27v SDRF410001010000000.
2017-05-26v SDRF310010120011000.333.5001.333.667
2017-05-25v SeaRF411000000000000.250.250.500.312
2017-05-24v SeaRF200000000022000.000.500.000.000
2017-05-23v SeaRF410010110000000.250.2501.000.500
2017-05-21@ AtlRF410000010000000.
2017-05-20@ AtlRF410000000000000.
2017-05-19@ AtlRF400001000000000.
2017-05-18@ PitRF400000000000000.
2017-05-17@ PitRF400000000000000.
2017-05-16@ PitRF420010220010000.500.6001.250.720
2017-05-14v PhiRF420010110000000.500.5001.250.725
2017-05-14v PhiRF431000020000000.750.7501.000.762
2017-05-13v PhiRF410010220010000.250.4001.000.540
2017-05-10v BalRF521000100000000.400.400.600.430
2017-05-09@ BalRF400000000011000.
2017-05-08@ BalRF320010120010000.667.7501.667.900
2017-05-04v AriRF300000100010000.
2017-05-03v AriRF310000100010000.333.500.333.400
2017-05-02v AriRF310000110020000.333.600.333.460
2017-04-30v NYMRF420010410021000.500.6671.250.720
2017-04-29v NYMRF400000000000000.
2017-04-28v NYMRF510000000000000.
2017-04-27@ ColRF510010230010000.200.333.800.450
2017-04-26@ ColRF4410002100100001.0001.0001.250.930
2017-04-25@ ColRF421000210010000.500.600.750.570
2017-04-24@ ColPH100000000000000.
2017-04-23@ NYMRF420000200000000.500.500.500.450
2017-04-22@ NYMRF200000100031000.000.600.000.350
2017-04-21@ NYMRF421010220010000.500.6001.500.790
2017-04-20@ AtlRF310000100010000.333.500.333.400
2017-04-19@ AtlRF4410203500110001.0001.0002.7501.538
2017-04-18@ AtlRF322000100110000.667.7501.333.675
2017-04-16v PhiRF530020250000000.600.6001.800.980
2017-04-15v PhiRF400000000000000.
2017-04-14v PhiRF410000100011000.250.400.250.225
2017-04-12v StLRF400000000000000.
2017-04-11v StLRF211000200030000.500.8001.000.670
2017-04-10v StLRF4400002300200001.0001.0001.000.833
2017-04-09@ PhiRF400000000000000.
2017-04-08@ PhiRF410000100000000.
2017-04-07@ PhiRF420010220010000.500.6001.250.720
2017-04-06v MiaRF300000000021000.000.400.000.175
2017-04-05v MiaRF421000120100000.500.500.750.412
2017-04-03v MiaRF310010110010000.333.5001.333.675

Recent News

Mon May 2903:57RF Bryce Harper got day off Sunday, in game that delayed by rain
Sun May 2803:03RF Bryce Harper made news off field before Saturday's game
Sun May 2106:21RF Bryce Harper 1-4 in Saturday's loss to Braves after going 0-4...
Fri May 1905:03RF Bryce Harper hit homer in series opener Tuesday, but Thursday...
Wed May 1706:16RF Bryce Harper hit two-run home run Tuesday at Pittsburgh, 13th...
Mon May 1502:48RF Bryce Harper hit 12th homer of season in first game Sunday
Sun May 1402:47RF Bryce Harper made news again Saturday as Nationals announced ...
Sun May 1402:46RF Bryce Harper signed one-year, $21.625 million for next season...
Tue May 904:10RF Bryce Harper back in lineup Monday against Baltimore after mi...
Tue May 904:10RF Bryce Harper will return from three-game absence due to groin...
Mon May 803:59OF Bryce Harper (groin) did not play Sunday but expected to make...
Sun May 703:59OF Bryce Harper held out of Nationals lineup for second straight...
Sat May 605:47OF Bryce Harper (groin) did not play in 4-2 win over Philadelphi...
Fri May 502:38RF Bryce Harper left game in top of seventh Thursday with slight...
Thu May 421:58MLB notebook: Red Sox RHP Wright done for season
Thu Apr 2705:19RF Bryce Harper 4-4 with double, walk, two runs scored and one R...
Tue Apr 2505:39RF Bryce Harper not in lineup Monday, but he pinch-hit in ninth ...
Thu Apr 2007:13RF Bryce Harper 4-4 with grand slam and solo homer against Brave...
Wed Apr 1912:11OF Bryce Harper had pair of opposite-field doubles, one walk and...
Mon Apr 1702:13RF Bryce Harper hit two homers Sunday and had three hits against...
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