Detail: Nick Castellanos

TeamTigersPosition3BDepth 3rd at DH, 1st at 3B
BatsRThrowsRRoto Transactions
Roto StatusFree AgentPro StatusActive


Total MLB5802125567702202987.267
2017 Projections
RV Current1465431462061793.269

2017 Game Log

2017-10-01@ MinRF300000.000
2017-09-30@ Min3B,RF410000.250
2017-09-29@ MinRF411120.250
2017-09-28@ KCRF420030.500
2017-09-27@ KCRF420100.500
2017-09-26@ KCRF310000.333
2017-09-24v Min3B420000.500
2017-09-23v MinRF410010.250
2017-09-22v MinDH411110.250
2017-09-21v MinRF400000.000
2017-09-20v OakRF410000.250
2017-09-19v OakRF521120.400
2017-09-18v OakRF430001.750
2017-09-17v CWSRF521140.400
2017-09-16v CWSRF410100.250
2017-09-15v CWSRF410010.250
2017-09-14v CWSRF421110.500
2017-09-13@ CleRF320110.667
2017-09-12@ CleRF320000.667
2017-09-11@ CleRF410000.250
2017-09-10@ TorRF320000.667
2017-09-09@ TorRF420010.500
2017-09-08@ TorRF411140.250
2017-09-06v KCDH420000.500
2017-09-05v KCDH520000.400
2017-09-04v KCDH411140.250
2017-09-03v CleDH310000.333
2017-09-02v CleDH400000.000
2017-09-01v Cle3B420000.500
2017-09-01v Cle3B410000.250
2017-08-30@ Col3B531210.600
2017-08-29@ Col3B410000.250
2017-08-28@ Col3B430030.750
2017-08-27@ CWSDH400000.000
2017-08-24v NYY3B410110.250
2017-08-23v NYY3B400000.000
2017-08-22v NYY3B422230.500
2017-08-19v LAD3B410000.250
2017-08-18v LAD3B510000.200
2017-08-16@ Tex3B520110.400
2017-08-15@ Tex3B400000.000
2017-08-14@ Tex3B400000.000
2017-08-13v Min3B520110.400
2017-08-12v Min3B420210.500
2017-08-11v Min3B420000.500
2017-08-10v Pit3B420120.500
2017-08-09v Pit3B530050.600
2017-08-08@ Pit3B300000.000
2017-08-07@ Pit3B300000.000
2017-08-06@ Bal3B411111.250
2017-08-05@ Bal3B410100.250
2017-08-04@ Bal3B300000.000
2017-08-03@ Bal3B400000.000
2017-08-02@ NYY3B400000.000
2017-08-01@ NYY3B410000.250
2017-07-31@ NYY3B320000.667
2017-07-30v Hou3B400000.000
2017-07-29v Hou3B300100.000
2017-07-28v Hou3B521130.400
2017-07-26v KC3B420000.500
2017-07-25v KC3B400000.000
2017-07-24v KC3B500000.000
2017-07-23@ Min3B500000.000
2017-07-22@ Min3B400000.000
2017-07-21@ Min3B420100.500
2017-07-20@ KC3B500000.000
2017-07-19@ KC3B410000.250
2017-07-18@ KC3B542250.800
2017-07-17@ KC3B521220.400
2017-07-16v Tor3B410100.250
2017-07-15v Tor3B411210.250
2017-07-14v Tor3B400000.000
2017-07-09@ Cle3B410110.250
2017-07-08@ Cle3B300000.000
2017-07-07@ Cle3B400000.000
2017-07-06v SF3B320110.667
2017-07-05v SF3B310010.333
2017-07-04v SF3B210010.500
2017-07-02v Cle3B411120.250
2017-07-01v Cle3B430110.750
2017-07-01v Cle3B410100.250
2017-06-29v KC3B300000.000
2017-06-28v KC3B320000.667
2017-06-27v KC3B410100.250
2017-06-25@ SD3B421120.500
2017-06-24@ SD3B410000.250
2017-06-23@ SDPH100000.000
2017-06-22@ Sea3B320100.667
2017-06-21@ Sea3B520000.400
2017-06-20@ Sea3B400000.000
2017-06-19@ Sea3B410000.250
2017-06-18v TB3B400000.000
2017-06-17v TBPH,3B100000.000
2017-06-16v TB3B420140.500
2017-06-15v TB3B410000.250
2017-06-14v Ari3B400000.000
2017-06-13v Ari3B420100.500
2017-06-11@ Bos3B511120.200
2017-06-10@ Bos3B410010.250
2017-06-09@ Bos3B511110.200
2017-06-08v LAA3B431120.750
2017-06-07v LAA3B410000.250
2017-06-06v LAA3B410000.250
2017-06-04v CWS3B420100.500
2017-06-03v CWS3B311210.333
2017-06-02v CWS3B210210.500
2017-05-31@ KC3B410001.250
2017-05-30@ KC3B400000.000
2017-05-29@ KC3B400100.000
2017-05-28@ CWS3B400000.000
2017-05-27@ CWS3B520100.400
2017-05-27@ CWS3B300000.000
2017-05-26@ CWS3B410000.250
2017-05-23@ Hou3B400000.000
2017-05-22@ Hou3B300000.000
2017-05-21v Tex3B400000.000
2017-05-20v Tex3B421130.500
2017-05-19v Tex3B210000.500
2017-05-18v Bal3B410100.250
2017-05-17v Bal3B200000.000
2017-05-16v Bal3B500000.000
2017-05-14@ LAA3B410010.250
2017-05-13@ LAA3B400000.000
2017-05-12@ LAA3B400000.000
2017-05-11@ LAA3B410100.250
2017-05-10@ Ari3B300000.000
2017-05-09@ Ari3B310020.333
2017-05-07@ Oak3B410010.250
2017-05-06@ Oak3B520020.400
2017-05-05@ Oak3B400010.000
2017-05-03v Cle3B410100.250
2017-05-02v Cle3B310100.333
2017-05-01v Cle3B520111.400
2017-04-30v CWS3B430010.750
2017-04-29v CWS3B400000.000
2017-04-28v CWS3B420100.500
2017-04-27v Sea3B300000.000
2017-04-26v Sea3B400000.000
2017-04-25v Sea3B410120.250
2017-04-23@ Min3B400200.000
2017-04-22@ Min3B521220.400
2017-04-21@ Min3B410100.250
2017-04-20@ TB3B320000.667
2017-04-19@ TB3B520030.400
2017-04-18@ TB3B400000.000
2017-04-16@ Cle3B410100.250
2017-04-15@ Cle3B510110.200
2017-04-14@ Cle3B510010.200
2017-04-13v Min3B500000.000
2017-04-12v Min3B410100.250
2017-04-11v Min3B410000.250
2017-04-10v Bos3B410010.250
2017-04-09v Bos3B421210.500
2017-04-08v Bos3B400000.000
2017-04-07v Bos3B310100.333
2017-04-06@ CWS3B410100.250
2017-04-04@ CWS3B411120.250

Recent News

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Fri Sep 2904:29RF Nick Castellanos drove in three runs with double in fifth
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Sat Sep 2304:30DH Nicholas Castellanos saw 17-game hitting streak ended Thursda...
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Tue Sep 1904:113B/RF Nicholas Castellanos extended hitting streak to 15 games w...
Mon Sep 1805:24RF Nicholas Castellanos drove in four runs Sunday with RBI singl...
Fri Sep 1505:413B/RF Nicholas Castellanos extended hitting streak to 11 games T...
Thu Sep 1405:30OF Nick Castellanos 2-3 with walk Wednesday, as he extended hitt...
Wed Sep 1305:10OF Nick Castellanos extended hitting streak to nine games with s...
Mon Sep 1101:203B/RF Nick Castellanos 2-3 in 8-2 loss to Toronto Blue Jays on S...
Sun Sep 1005:093B Nick Castellanos 2-4 with double and RBI Saturday in 5-4 loss...
Sat Sep 904:553B Nick Castellanos started in right field Friday for first appe...
Wed Sep 607:303B Nicholas Castellanos will see action in right field during te...
Tue Sep 504:143B Nicholas Castellanos hit three-run homer in ninth inning on M...
Tue Sep 504:133B Nicholas Castellanos hit three-run homer in ninth inning on M...
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