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Total MLB240905235460676149173319531470.260.337.533.374
2018 Projections
RV Current129455113240262657531421630.249.318.474.344

2018 Game Log

2018-06-24@ TBC400000000010000.
2018-06-22@ TBC400000000000000.
2018-06-20v SeaC320010120000100.667.7501.667.900
2018-06-19v SeaC400000000000000.
2018-06-18@ WasC422000000010000.500.6001.000.640
2018-06-17v TBC410000000000000.
2018-06-16v TBC410010110000000.250.2501.000.500
2018-06-15v TBC411000030000000.250.250.500.312
2018-06-14v TBC200000100020000.000.500.000.350
2018-06-10@ NYMC400000000000000.
2018-06-09@ NYMC300000100010000.
2018-06-08@ NYMC400000000000000.
2018-06-06@ TorDH611000000000000.167.167.333.208
2018-06-05@ TorC410000100000000.
2018-06-04@ DetC300000000020000.000.400.000.280
2018-06-02@ BalC500000100000000.
2018-05-30v HouDH310000020010000.333.500.333.400
2018-05-29v HouC500000000000000.
2018-05-28v HouC400000000000000.
2018-05-27v LAAC300000100010000.
2018-05-26v LAADH400000000000000.
2018-05-25v LAAC310000000010000.333.500.333.400
2018-05-23@ TexPH100000000000000.
2018-05-22@ TexC100000000020000.000.667.000.467
2018-05-21@ TexC521000200000000.400.400.600.430
2018-05-19@ KCC541020230000000.800.8002.2001.230
2018-05-18@ KCC400000000000000.
2018-05-13v OakC200000000020000.000.500.000.350
2018-05-12v OakC420010310020000.500.6671.250.717
2018-05-11v OakPH,C100000000000000.
2018-05-10v BosC200000000020000.000.500.000.350
2018-05-09v BosC320000010000010.667.500.667.450
2018-05-08v BosC300001000010000.
2018-05-06v CleC400000000000000.
2018-05-04v CleC410010110010000.250.4001.000.540
2018-05-03@ HouC200000100020000.000.500.000.350
2018-05-02@ HouDH300000000010000.
2018-05-01@ HouC420010130000000.500.5001.250.725
2018-04-30@ HouDH,C300000000010000.
2018-04-29@ LAAC410010120000000.250.2501.000.500
2018-04-28@ LAAC422000310010000.500.6001.000.640
2018-04-27@ LAAC400000100010000.
2018-04-26v MinC410010130000000.250.2501.000.500
2018-04-25v MinDH300000100020000.000.400.000.280
2018-04-24v MinC420020230000000.500.5002.0001.000
2018-04-23v MinC411000120010000.250.400.500.390
2018-04-22v TorDH311000200010000.333.500.667.487
2018-04-20v TorC400000000000000.
2018-04-19v TorC410000000000000.
2018-04-17v MiaC410000000000000.
2018-04-16v MiaC430000130010000.750.800.750.680
2018-04-13@ DetC511000100000000.200.200.400.250
2018-04-12@ BosC411000030000000.250.250.500.312
2018-04-11@ BosC531020340000000.600.6002.0001.050
2018-04-10@ BosDH400000000000000.
2018-04-06v BalC600000000000000.
2018-04-05v BalC300000000000100.
2018-04-04v TBDH410010120000000.250.2501.000.500
2018-04-03v TBC500000000000000.
2018-04-01@ TorPH100000000000000.
2018-03-31@ TorC400000000000000.
2018-03-30@ TorC400000100000000.
2018-03-29@ TorC511000010000000.200.200.400.250

Recent News

Fri Jan 1217:42Yankees settle with 6, on track to get under tax threshold
Wed Oct 18 201704:52C Gary Sanchez hitless in 13 at-bats in postseason and in last 1...
Tue Oct 10 201704:24C Gary Sanchez hit second homer of AL Division Series and batted...
Sat Sep 30 201703:07C Gary Sanchez not in starting lineup Friday after being charged...
Fri Sep 29 201704:29C Gary Sanchez charged with major league-worst 16th passed ball ...
Tue Sep 26 201705:47C Gary Sanchez hit 33rd homer, and it's most by player who caugh...
Tue Sep 19 201704:11C Gary Sanchez took foul ball off left arm during sixth-inning a...
Fri Sep 15 201705:42C Gary Sanchez hit 31st homer Thursday, reaching that total desp...
Mon Sep 11 201701:20C Gary Sanchez 3-4 with two homers and scored four times on Sund...
Sat Sep 9 201704:56C Gary Sanchez had two-run single as part of four run second inn...
Tue Sep 5 201704:14C Gary Sanchez began serving three-game suspension on Monday for...
Tue Sep 5 201704:13C Gary Sanchez had suspension reduced to three games by Major Le...
Thu Aug 31 201704:21C Gary Sanchez 1-8 in Wednesday's doubleheader
Sat Aug 26 201704:55C Gary Sanchez suspended four games Friday for role in Thursday'...
Sat Aug 26 201704:54C Gary Sanchez suspended four games due to role during bench-cle...
Fri Aug 25 201703:13C Gary Sanchez continued power binge with fourth homer in three ...
Thu Aug 24 201704:03C Gary Sanchez continued power binge with third homer in two gam...
Thu Aug 24 201702:20MLB roundup: Pirates ruin Hill's no-hit bid with walk-off HR
Thu Aug 24 201701:24MLB roundup: Pirates ruin Hill's no-hit bid with walk-off HR
Wed Aug 23 201705:53C Gary Sanchez hit pair of two-run homers, including second-long...
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