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2016Red Sox5349.67479541411233201.2284.174.13
2015Red Sox6158.67655561311272731.3304.142.96
2014Red Sox7163.00585641710204301.1902.862.86
2013Red Sox7168.33709721211245401.2003.163.23
2012Red Sox3744.003714550271110.9551.431.83
2011Red Sox33.0031410020001.3336.005.77
2009Red Sox625.3343413903212302.0537.465.55
Total MLB388395.33413493741091110181212641.3204.123.64
2018 Projections

2018 Game Log

2018-09-30v OakRP1.0000200000000.0000.00-0.90
2018-09-28v OakRP0.3310000000003.0000.003.10
2018-09-23@ HouRP0.6700110000001.5000.004.60
2018-09-20@ OakRP0.3320000010006.00027.003.10
2018-09-15v SeaRP1.3300100000000.0000.001.60
2018-09-13v SeaRP1.3300000000000.0000.003.10
2018-09-10v TexRP1.0010010000002.0000.006.10
2018-09-04@ TexRP1.0010000000001.0000.003.10
2018-09-02@ HouRP1.0021010010003.0009.0019.10
2018-05-17v LADRP1.0041210030005.00027.0015.10
2018-05-16v LADRP0.3330000030009.00081.003.10
2018-05-12v AtlRP0.6700110000001.5000.004.60
2018-05-11v AtlRP1.0010200000001.0000.00-0.90
2018-05-09@ ChCRP1.0020000010002.0009.003.10
2018-05-07@ ChCRP1.0010200000001.0000.00-0.90
2018-05-06@ CinRP0.3320010020009.00054.0012.10
2018-05-04@ CinRP1.0020100000002.0000.001.10
2018-05-02v PhiRP1.0020100020002.00018.001.10
2018-05-01v PhiRP1.0010020001003.0000.009.10
2018-04-25@ LADRP0.3300100000000.0000.00-2.90
2018-04-21@ MilRP0.001100001010infinfinf
2018-04-19@ MilRP0.6742121060009.00081.0043.60
2018-04-16@ NYYRP1.0000200000000.0000.00-0.90
2018-04-15v PitRP1.0021100010002.0009.0014.10
2018-04-13v PitRP1.0000100000000.0000.001.10
2018-04-11v NYMRP0.6710022000004.5000.003.10
2018-04-09v NYMRP1.3300220000001.5000.004.60
2018-04-07@ PhiRP1.0011200010001.0009.0012.10
2018-04-02v BosRP1.6700100000000.0000.001.90
2018-03-31v ChCRP1.0010210000002.0000.002.10
2018-03-29v ChCRP2.0000210000000.5000.002.60

Recent News

Fri May 18 201802:56LEADING OFF: Yanks continue odd trip, Swanson could return
Fri May 18 201800:05LEADING OFF: Yanks continue odd trip, Swanson could return
Wed May 2 201801:35Moved to top of order, slumping Harper homers for Nationals
Wed May 2 201800:25Moved to top of order, slumping Harper homers for Nationals
Sun Apr 22 201801:39A's Manaea pitches 1st no-hitter against Red Sox since 1993
Sun Apr 22 201800:09A's Manaea pitches 1st no-hitter against Red Sox since 1993
Mon Apr 16 201800:29Colon perfect into 8th inning, Rangers beat Astros 3-1 in 10
Sun Apr 15 201820:09Red Sox move to MLB-best 13-2; Phils' win streak at 6
Sun Apr 15 201817:49Red Sox move to MLB-best 13-2; Phils' win streak at 6
Sat Mar 24 201816:20National League East capsules
Sat Mar 24 201816:10National League East capsules
Thu Mar 22 201809:59National League East capsules
Sat Sep 23 201704:31RHP Junichi Tazawa pitched two scoreless innings in Friday night...
Sat Jul 22 201704:40RHP Junichi Tazawa extended scoreless streak to 10 innings by es...
Fri Jun 23 201703:32RHP Junichi Tazawa (ribs) activated from disabled list and immed...
Wed Jun 21 201704:01RHP Junichi Tazawa (ribcage inflammation) sent on rehab assignm...
Wed Jun 14 201704:23RHP Junichi Tazawa (ribcage inflammation) placed on rehab assign...
Thu May 18 201705:28RHP Junichi Tazawa placed on disabled list Wednesday due to ribc...
Sat Apr 29 201704:29RHP Junichi Tazawa bit of bright spot in otherwise bad game for ...
Sun Apr 16 201704:15RHP Junichi Tazawa gave up solo homer on Saturday to Mets SS Asd...
2018 Games by Position
31consecutive relief appearances
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