Detail: Kyle Crick

TeamPiratesPositionRPDepth 1st at RP
BatsLThrowsRRoto Transactions
Roto StatusFree AgentPro StatusActive


Total MLB6868.67503653341191121.2092.493.09
2018 Projections
RV Current6477.82778704644414601.5774.714.46

2018 Game Log

2018-07-14v MilRP1.0010100000001.0000.001.10
2018-07-13v MilRP1.3320100000011.5000.001.60
2018-07-11v WasRP1.0000000000000.0000.003.10
2018-07-08v PhiRP1.0000200000000.0000.00-0.90
2018-07-07v PhiRP1.0020000000002.0000.003.10
2018-07-04@ LADRP1.0000100000000.0000.001.10
2018-07-01@ SDRP1.3300220001001.5000.004.60
2018-06-29@ SDRP0.6710100000001.5000.000.10
2018-06-26@ NYMRP1.0010100000001.0000.001.10
2018-06-25@ NYMRP1.0010210000002.0000.002.10
2018-06-22v AriRP1.0010200000001.0000.00-0.90
2018-06-19v MilRP1.0000000000000.0000.003.10
2018-06-18v MilRP1.0000100000000.0000.001.10
2018-06-15v CinRP1.0000200000000.0000.00-0.90
2018-06-11@ AriRP0.3310010020106.00054.0012.10
2018-06-10@ ChCRP1.0000100000000.0000.001.10
2018-06-09@ ChCRP0.3310011000006.0000.003.10
2018-06-06v LADRP0.6710020020004.50027.0012.10
2018-06-02@ StLRP1.0000010000001.0000.006.10
2018-05-31@ StLRP1.0000000000000.0000.003.10
2018-05-30v ChCRP1.0000100000000.0000.001.10
2018-05-28v ChCRP1.3320011010002.2506.753.10
2018-05-26v StLRP1.0010200000001.0000.00-0.90
2018-05-25v StLRP1.0010000000001.0000.003.10
2018-05-23@ CinRP1.0020110000013.0000.004.10
2018-05-18v SDRP2.0000221000001.0000.002.60
2018-05-15v CWSRP1.0010100000001.0000.001.10
2018-05-11v SFRP1.0010000000001.0000.003.10
2018-05-05@ MilRP0.6710130010006.00013.5013.60
2018-05-02@ WasRP1.3320200010001.5006.750.10
2018-04-30@ WasRP1.0010100000001.0000.001.10
2018-04-27v StLRP0.3300100000000.0000.00-2.90
2018-04-25v DetRP0.3321100010006.00027.0036.10
2018-04-22@ PhiRP1.0010100000001.0000.001.10
2018-04-21@ PhiRP0.6700200000000.0000.00-2.90
2018-04-18v ColRP1.0000200000000.0000.00-0.90
2018-04-16v ColRP1.0010110000002.0000.004.10
2018-04-13@ MiaRP1.0000100000000.0000.001.10

Recent News

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Wed Jul 1121:17Nationals fall back to .500 with shutout loss to Pittsburgh
Sun Jul 123:53Hicks hits 3 HRs, Yankees rout Red Sox 11-1 to win series
Sun Jul 120:13Jon Lester stars on bound and at plate for Cubs
Tue Jun 1202:06Red Sox edge struggling Orioles 2-0 in 12 innings
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Wed Jan 1714:34Andrew McCutchen eager for challenge of a tough right field
2018 Games by Position
38consecutive relief appearances
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