Detail: Trevor Story

TeamRockiesPositionSSDepth 1st at SS, 2nd at 2B
BatsRThrowsRRoto Transactions
Roto StatusFree AgentPro StatusActive


Total MLB2951070267621061715918923710671042.250.321.497.356
2018 Projections
RV Current1565381323162537583142524531.246.316.468.343

2018 Game Log

2018-05-27v CinSS510000000000000.
2018-05-26v CinSS410000000000000.
2018-05-25v CinSS300000000011000.
2018-05-23@ LADSS410000000000000.
2018-05-22@ LADSS300000101010000.
2018-05-21@ LADSS400000000000000.
2018-05-20@ SFSS531000120000000.600.600.800.610
2018-05-19@ SFSS410000010000000.
2018-05-18@ SFSS421000100010000.500.600.750.570
2018-05-17@ SFSS620000100000000.333.333.333.300
2018-05-15@ SDSS310000000000000.333.333.333.300
2018-05-14@ SDSS500000000000000.
2018-05-13v MilSS300000000010000.
2018-05-12v MilSS3310202400100001.0001.0003.3331.488
2018-05-11v MilSS410100140000010.250.200.750.320
2018-05-10v MilSS310010110010000.333.5001.333.675
2018-05-09v LAASS300000000000100.
2018-05-08v LAASS321100120010000.667.7501.667.887
2018-05-06@ NYMSS400000000000000.
2018-05-05@ NYMSS300000001010000.
2018-05-04@ NYMSS411000111010000.250.400.500.440
2018-05-02@ ChCSS520010210000000.400.4001.000.580
2018-05-01@ ChCSS400000000000000.
2018-04-30@ ChCSS300000000010000.
2018-04-29@ MiaSS400000000000000.
2018-04-28@ MiaSS410000000000000.
2018-04-27@ MiaSS410000000000000.
2018-04-25v SDSS300001110000010.
2018-04-24v SDSS310010140010000.333.5001.333.675
2018-04-23v SDSS310010221010000.333.5001.333.738
2018-04-22v ChCSS430100120010000.750.8001.250.820
2018-04-21v ChCSS411000010000000.250.250.500.312
2018-04-20v ChCSS200000000010100.000.500.000.350
2018-04-18@ PitSS310000000010000.333.500.333.400
2018-04-17@ PitSS421000001000000.500.500.750.600
2018-04-16@ PitSS320010131010000.667.7501.667.962
2018-04-15@ WasSS400000000000000.
2018-04-14@ WasSS300000000000000.
2018-04-13@ WasSS310000000000000.333.333.333.300
2018-04-12@ WasSS500000000000000.
2018-04-11v SDSS200000100010100.000.500.000.350
2018-04-10v SDSS310010121010000.333.5001.333.738
2018-04-09v SDSS411000100000000.250.250.500.312
2018-04-08v AtlSS420000000000000.500.500.500.450
2018-04-07v AtlSS410010110010000.250.4001.000.540
2018-04-06v AtlSS410010110000000.250.2501.000.500
2018-04-05@ SDSS300000100010000.
2018-04-04@ SDSS311000020010000.333.500.667.487
2018-04-03@ SDSS410000000000000.
2018-04-02@ SDSS410000001010000.250.400.250.370
2018-03-31@ AriSS300000000000000.
2018-03-30@ AriSS500000000000000.
2018-03-29@ AriSS410000000000000.

Recent News

Tue May 1517:47Padres' Lyles surrenders 1st hit in 8th inning
Sun May 1302:36Morton strikes out 14 as Astros beat Rangers 6-1
Sun May 1302:16Morton strikes out 14 as Astros beat Rangers 6-1
Sat May 1223:46Morton strikes out 14 as Astros beat Rangers 6-1
Thu May 301:56Betts homers 3 times as Red Sox beat Royals 5-4
Wed May 223:05Betts homers 3 times as Red Sox beat Royals 5-4
Wed May 219:25Betts homers 3 times as Red Sox beat Royals 5-4
Wed Apr 2503:00Granderson's HR lifts Blue Jays past Red Sox on somber night
Tue Apr 2402:40Skaggs shuts down Astros; Angels win 2-0 after call reversed
Tue Apr 2401:50Skaggs shuts down Astros; Angels win 2-0 after call reversed
Tue Apr 2400:50Skaggs shuts down Astros; Angels win 2-0 after call reversed
Tue Apr 1704:20Didi hits 2 HRs, Stanton hitless vs Marlins, Yanks romp 12-1
Tue Apr 1700:40Didi hits 2 HRs, Stanton hitless vs Marlins, Yanks romp 12-1
Mon Apr 1623:20Didi hits 2 HRs, Stanton hitless vs Marlins, Yanks romp 12-1
Thu Apr 1222:59Padres vow not to get pushed around after brawl with Rockies
Wed Apr 1117:33Arenado charges mound, swings away, Rockies and Padres brawl
Wed Apr 1116:43Arenado charges mound, swings away, Rockies and Padres brawl
Sun Apr 801:28Red Sox beat Rays 10-3 for 7th straight win
Thu Apr 523:48Ray, D-backs spoil Cardinals' home opener with 2-hitter
Thu Apr 522:28Michael Conforto comes off disabled list to star for Mets
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