Detail: Kevin Pillar

TeamBlue JaysPositionCFDepth 1st at CF
BatsRThrowsRRoto Transactions
Roto StatusFree AgentPro StatusActive


2017Blue Jays492035713173321384140212.281.329.458.355
2016Blue Jays146548146352745953146240633.266.301.376.306
2015Blue Jays1595861633121257656254281554.278.312.399.326
2014Blue Jays531163190201971240110.267.295.397.295
2013Blue Jays3610221403011130140202.206.245.333.253
Total MLB443155541892531121971424817741161011.269.305.394.316
2017 Projections
RV Current1632406515152302283130321.270.311.398.320

2017 Game Log

2017-05-29v CinCF600000100000000.
2017-05-28v TexCF311000100000001.333.250.667.417
2017-05-27v TexCF400000001000100.
2017-05-26v TexCF500000000000000.
2017-05-24@ MilCF510010110000000.200.200.800.400
2017-05-23@ MilCF510000000000000.
2017-05-21@ BalCF310000000010000.333.500.333.400
2017-05-20@ BalCF520001201000000.400.400.400.590
2017-05-17@ AtlCF400000000000000.
2017-05-16v AtlCF521010210000000.400.4001.200.650
2017-05-15v AtlCF510001100000000.
2017-05-14v SeaCF410010110010000.250.4001.000.540
2017-05-13v SeaCF431000211000010.750.6001.000.660
2017-05-12v SeaCF320000101010000.667.750.667.688
2017-05-11v SeaCF310000200010000.333.500.333.400
2017-05-10v CleCF400001100010000.
2017-05-09v CleCF410000000000000.
2017-05-08v CleCF300000100010000.
2017-05-07@ TBCF321000101010000.667.7501.000.775
2017-05-06@ TBCF400000000000000.
2017-05-05@ TBCF531000110000000.600.600.800.610
2017-05-03@ NYYCF410000100010000.250.400.250.320
2017-05-02@ NYYCF521000000100000.400.400.600.330
2017-05-01@ NYYCF410000001010000.250.400.250.370
2017-04-30v TBCF400000000000000.
2017-04-29v TBCF400000000000000.
2017-04-28v TBCF4420103100100001.0001.0002.2501.220
2017-04-27@ StLCF410000110000000.
2017-04-27@ StLCF620000100000000.333.333.333.300
2017-04-25@ StLCF510100210010000.200.333.600.383
2017-04-24@ LAACF300000000110000.
2017-04-23@ LAACF410010110110000.250.4001.000.440
2017-04-22@ LAACF410010120000000.250.2501.000.500
2017-04-21@ LAACF610000100000001.
2017-04-20v BosCF410000000000000.
2017-04-19v BosCF430000002000000.750.750.750.800
2017-04-18v BosCF533000100000000.600.6001.200.750
2017-04-16v BalCF521010120000000.400.4001.200.650
2017-04-15v BalCF410000000000000.
2017-04-14v BalCF420000000000100.500.600.500.500
2017-04-13v BalCF411000000000000.250.250.500.312
2017-04-12v MilCF310000000000000.333.333.333.300
2017-04-11v MilCF400000000100000.000.000.000-0.125
2017-04-09@ TBCF300000000000000.
2017-04-08@ TBCF410000000000000.
2017-04-07@ TBCF420000000000000.500.500.500.450
2017-04-06@ TBCF410000000000000.
2017-04-05@ BalCF310000000000000.333.333.333.300
2017-04-03@ BalCF410000100010000.250.400.250.320

Recent News

Mon May 2903:58CF Kevin Pillar ended 0-12 drought Sunday in 3-1 loss to Texas R...
Mon May 2202:42CF Kevin Pillar has played solidly since coming back from two-ga...
Sun May 2106:21CF Kevin Pillar returned after serving two-game suspension after...
Sat May 2004:34OF Kevin Pillar served second game of two-game suspension
Sat May 2004:34OF Kevin Pillar served second game of two-game suspension onFrid...
Fri May 1905:04CF Kevin Pillar, batting .305, suspended by Blue Jays without pa...
Fri May 1905:03OF Kevin Pillar reportedly under investigation by Major League B...
Thu May 1817:14Blue Jays CF Pillar draws two-game ban for slur
Thu May 1816:15MLB investigating apparent slur by Blue Jays' Pillar
Mon May 1502:49CF Kevin Pillar hit first walk-off homer of career Sunday with t...
Sun May 1402:46CF Kevin Pillar 3-4 with double and sacrifice fly Saturday in 7-...
Mon May 803:59OF Kevin Pillar had two of Jays' four hits on Sunday, including ...
Sat May 605:47CF Kevin Pillar 3-5 with RBI and run scored in Friday's loss to ...
Sun Apr 3003:18CF Kevin Pillar 0-4 Saturday in 4-1 victory over Tampa Bay Rays ...
Tue Apr 2505:39CF Kevin Pillar 0-3 with walk Monday against Angels, ending hitt...
Mon Apr 2401:59CF Kevin Pillar has 11-game hitting streak and 17-47 during that...
Sun Apr 2303:39CF Kevin Pillar has 10-game hitting streak and 16-43 during that...
Sat Apr 2205:15CF Kevin Pillar 1-6 Friday against Angels, extending hitting str...
Fri Apr 2105:30CF Kevin Pillar singled in eighth inning in 4-1 loss in 10 innin...
Wed Apr 1912:11CF Kevin Pillar has now hit safely in six consecutive games afte...
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