Detail: Brandon Workman

TeamRed SoxPositionRP
BatsRThrowsRRoto Transactions
Roto StatusFree AgentPro StatusActive


2018Red Sox4341.33346371600156101.2103.274.36
2017Red Sox3339.67377371121141101.2103.184.28
2014Red Sox1987.0088117036015011001.4255.174.41
2013Red Sox2041.67445471510236301.4164.973.41
Total MLB115209.67203291917832102141501.3404.384.18
2018 Projections
RV Current5650.61518452112273201.4264.814.59

2018 Game Log

2018-09-29v NYYRP1.0040200030004.00027.00-0.90
2018-09-26v BalRP1.0010000000001.0000.003.10
2018-09-21@ CleRP0.3300000000000.0000.003.10
2018-09-18@ NYYRP0.3300020020106.00054.0021.10
2018-09-16v NYMRP1.0000210001001.0000.002.10
2018-09-13v TorRP0.3300100001000.0000.00-2.90
2018-09-11v TorRP1.0000110000001.0000.004.10
2018-09-08v HouRP1.6720010000001.8000.004.90
2018-09-05@ AtlRP1.0011100011001.0009.0014.10
2018-09-03@ AtlRP0.6700010001001.5000.007.60
2018-08-31@ CWSRP1.0010100000001.0000.001.10
2018-08-30@ CWSRP1.0000100000000.0000.001.10
2018-08-28v MiaRP1.6710010000001.2000.004.90
2018-08-25@ TBRP1.0021110010003.0009.0017.10
2018-08-22v CleRP1.0010100000001.0000.001.10
2018-08-21v CleRP1.0000110010001.0009.004.10
2018-08-19v TBRP2.0000100000000.0000.002.10
2018-08-11@ BalRP0.3310020000009.0000.0021.10
2018-08-10@ BalRP1.3310300000000.7500.00-1.40
2018-08-09@ TorRP1.0010100000001.0000.001.10
2018-08-07@ TorRP1.0020010000003.0000.006.10
2018-08-02v NYYRP2.0011100010000.5004.508.60
2018-07-23@ BalRP1.0021100020002.00018.0014.10
2018-07-22@ DetRP1.0031000010003.0009.0016.10
2018-07-15v TorRP0.3300100001000.0000.00-2.90
2018-07-14v TorRP1.0000200000000.0000.00-0.90
2018-07-12v TorRP0.3310000000003.0000.003.10
2018-07-10v TexRP0.6710000000001.5000.003.10
2018-07-09v TexRP1.0010100000001.0000.001.10
2018-07-07@ KCRP0.3300000000000.0000.003.10
2018-07-06@ KCRP1.0021000020002.00018.0016.10
2018-07-03@ WasRP1.0000100001000.0000.001.10
2018-07-01@ NYYRP1.0000000000000.0000.003.10
2018-06-28v LAARP1.0000210000001.0000.002.10
2018-06-26v LAARP1.0000100000000.0000.001.10
2018-06-23v SeaRP1.0010200000001.0000.00-0.90
2018-06-17@ SeaRP0.6710120010004.50013.509.10
2018-06-16@ SeaRP1.0010200000001.0000.00-0.90
2018-06-13@ BalRP1.0000000000000.0000.003.10
2018-06-11@ BalRP1.3310210000001.5000.002.35
2018-06-10v CWSRP1.0010300000001.0000.00-2.90
2018-06-06v DetRP1.0000000000000.0000.003.10
2018-06-05v DetRP1.0000000000000.0000.003.10
2018-03-24v HouRP1.0010010000002.0000.006.10
2018-03-03v NYYRP1.0020100000002.0000.001.10

Recent News

Sat Jan 1200:58AL MVP Betts agrees to $20 million, 1-year deal with Red Sox
Sat Jan 1200:28AL MVP Betts agrees to $20 million, 1-year deal with Red Sox
Fri Jan 1123:08AL MVP Betts agrees to $20 million, 1-year deal with Red Sox
Fri Jan 1119:58AL MVP Betts agrees to $20 million, 1-year deal with Red Sox
Thu Jan 1023:37Steve Wright, Red Sox agree to $1,375,000, 1-year contract
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Tue Oct 23 201823:43The Latest: Nunez's 3-run homer gives Red Sox 8-4 lead
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Tue Oct 23 201822:43The Latest: Red Sox back in lead, both teams go to bullpens
Tue Oct 23 201822:03The Latest: Red Sox starter Sale leaves in top of fifth
Tue Oct 23 201821:13The Latest: Matt Kemp homers, cuts Boston lead to 2-1
Tue Oct 23 201820:53The Latest: Red Sox take early 2-0 lead over Dodgers
Tue Oct 23 201820:03The Latest: Dave Roberts receives cheers from Boston fans
Tue Oct 23 201818:53The Latest: Fans advised to take cover at Fenway before game
Tue Oct 23 201816:53The Latest: Batting practice canceled ahead of Game 1
Tue Oct 23 201812:06The Latest: Pomeranz, Alexander added to Series rosters
Mon Oct 22 201819:17World Series Game 1 to be cold one for Dodgers, Red Sox
Mon Oct 22 201819:07World Series Game 1 to be cold one for Dodgers, Red Sox
Mon Oct 22 201816:27A capsule look at the World Series
Mon Oct 22 201809:37A capsule look at the World Series
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43consecutive relief appearances
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