Detail: José Abreu

TeamWhite SoxPosition1BDepth 1st at 1B, 3rd at DH
BatsRThrowsRRoto Transactions
Roto StatusFree AgentPro StatusActive


2018White Sox94367921344521.2510.000000000.0000.00
2017White Sox15662118933951023.3040.000000000.0000.00
2016White Sox15962418325671000.2930.000000000.0000.00
2015White Sox15461317830881010.2900.000000000.0000.00
2014White Sox14555617636801073.3170.000000000.0000.00
Total MLB70827818181373744627.294
2018 Projections
RV Current1585241452166781.276

2018 Game Log

2018-07-20@ Sea1B400000.000
2018-07-15v KCDH300100.000
2018-07-14v KC1B310000.333
2018-07-13v KC1B521110.400
2018-07-11v StL1B400010.000
2018-07-10v StL1B400000.000
2018-07-08@ Hou1B410000.250
2018-07-07@ HouDH400100.000
2018-07-06@ Hou1B400000.000
2018-07-05@ Hou1B410000.250
2018-07-04@ Cin1B300000.000
2018-07-03@ CinPH100000.000
2018-07-02@ Cin1B300000.000
2018-07-01@ TexDH320230.667
2018-06-30@ Tex1B410000.250
2018-06-29@ Tex1B400010.000
2018-06-28v Min1B510000.200
2018-06-27v Min1B421210.500
2018-06-26v Min1B300010.000
2018-06-24v Oak1B410010.250
2018-06-23v Oak1B510010.200
2018-06-22v Oak1B400000.000
2018-06-22v Oak1B400100.000
2018-06-20@ Cle1B410000.250
2018-06-19@ Cle1B510010.200
2018-06-18@ Cle1B410000.250
2018-06-16v DetDH300010.000
2018-06-15v Det1B510000.200
2018-06-14v Cle1B421120.500
2018-06-13v Cle1B410100.250
2018-06-12v Cle1B400000.000
2018-06-11v Cle1B400000.000
2018-06-10@ BosDH310210.333
2018-06-09@ Bos1B410010.250
2018-06-08@ Bos1B300000.000
2018-06-07@ Min1B410010.250
2018-06-06@ Min1B410100.250
2018-06-05@ Min1B410010.250
2018-06-05@ Min1B521120.400
2018-06-03v Mil1B410110.250
2018-06-02v Mil1B410000.250
2018-06-01v Mil1B420100.500
2018-05-30@ Cle1B300000.000
2018-05-29@ Cle1B400000.000
2018-05-28@ CleDH300010.000
2018-05-27@ Det1B400000.000
2018-05-26@ Det1B4412201.000
2018-05-25@ Det1B520110.400
2018-05-24v Bal1B400000.000
2018-05-23v Bal1B520110.400
2018-05-22v Bal1B520000.400
2018-05-21v Bal1B420010.500
2018-05-20v Tex1B400000.000
2018-05-19v Tex1B3312201.000
2018-05-18v Tex1B420220.500
2018-05-17v Tex1B310100.333
2018-05-16@ Pit1B510000.200
2018-05-15@ Pit1B420000.500
2018-05-13@ ChC1B410100.250
2018-05-12@ ChC1B520110.400
2018-05-11@ ChC1B320110.667
2018-05-09v PitDH310000.333
2018-05-08v Pit1B420020.500
2018-05-06v Min1B400000.000
2018-05-05v Min1B410010.250
2018-05-04v Min1B531130.600
2018-05-03v Min1B300100.000
2018-05-02@ StL1B310010.333
2018-05-01@ StL1B410000.250
2018-04-29@ KC1B300201.000
2018-04-28@ KC1B300000.000
2018-04-28@ KCDH410000.250
2018-04-27@ KC1B510000.200
2018-04-25v Sea1B200000.000
2018-04-24v Sea1B400000.000
2018-04-23v Sea1B542330.800
2018-04-22v Hou1B410000.250
2018-04-21v Hou1B310000.333
2018-04-20v Hou1B410000.250
2018-04-18@ OakDH630220.500
2018-04-17@ Oak1B410000.250
2018-04-16@ Oak1B411110.250
2018-04-12@ Min1B400000.000
2018-04-11v TB1B310100.333
2018-04-10v TB1B521130.400
2018-04-09v TB1B300000.000
2018-04-08v Det1B300000.000
2018-04-07v Det1B510000.200
2018-04-05v Det1B500000.000
2018-04-04@ TorDH411110.250
2018-04-03@ Tor1B420000.500
2018-04-02@ Tor1B430000.750
2018-03-31@ KC1B300100.000
2018-03-29@ KC1B521220.400

Recent News

Fri Jan 2619:34Abreu sticks around as White Sox rebuild
Fri Jan 1220:12White Sox avoid arbitration with Abreu, 3 others
Thu Jan 1120:22Donaldson, Machado, Bryant, Rendon in arbitration hot corner
Mon Oct 2 201701:511B Jose Abreu finished season hitting .304, with 33 home runs, a...
Sun Oct 1 201703:381B Jose Abreu continued to torment Corey Kluber
Wed Sep 27 201705:561B Jose Abreu 3-4 with pair of home runs
Sun Sep 24 201703:45DH Jose Abreu 1-4 with two RBIs to reach 100 RBIs this season
Wed Sep 20 201705:121B Jose Abreu reached twice on fielding errors after recording w...
Sun Sep 17 201705:221B Jose Abreu seems to be in middle of everything for White Sox
Sat Sep 16 201704:071B Jose Abreu seems to be all right after getting hit on hand by...
Tue Sep 12 201706:441B Jose Abreu recorded third straight multi-hit game and seventh...
Mon Sep 11 201701:201B Jose Abreu hit two home runs Sunday against Giants to give hi...
Sun Sep 10 201723:28MLB roundup: Nationals clinch NL East title
Sun Sep 10 201721:04MLB Roundup: Nationals clinch NL East title
Sun Sep 10 201705:101B Jose Abreu hit for cycle Saturday against Giants
Sun Sep 10 201702:46MLB roundup: Indians extend win streak to 17
Fri Sep 8 201704:091B Jose Abreu returned to first base Thursday after filling desi...
Tue Sep 5 201704:141B Jose Abreu 1-4 Monday against Indians
Mon Sep 4 201702:461B Jose Abreu returned to lineup Sunday afternoon after missing ...
Sun Sep 3 201706:251B Jose Abreu missed third straight game on Saturday with right ...
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