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Ryan Zimmerman 1BNationalsActiveFree Agent$0.0014452415936901081.303
Daniel Murphy 2BNationalsActiveFree Agent$0.001445341722394932.322
Bryce Harper RFNationalsActiveFree Agent$0.001114201342995874.319
Anthony Rendón 3BNationalsActiveFree Agent$0.0014750815325811007.301
Trea Turner SSNationalsActiveFree Agent$0.009841211711754546.284
Michael Taylor CFNationalsActiveFree Agent$0.0011839910819555317.271
Matt Adams*News*1BNationalsActiveFree Agent$0.00131339932046650.274
Howie Kendrick LFNationalsNot on RosterFree Agent$0.0091305969404112.315
Adam Lind 1BNationalsNot on RosterFree Agent$0.00116267811439591.303
Brian Goodwin RFNationalsActiveFree Agent$0.0074251631341306.251
Wilmer Difo SSNationalsActiveFree Agent$0.00124332905472110.271
Matt Wieters CNationalsActiveFree Agent$0.00123422951043521.225
Jayson Werth LFNationalsNot on RosterFree Agent$0.0070252571035294.226
Adam Eaton CFNationalsActiveFree Agent$0.00239127224133.297
Stephen Drew 2BNationalsMinorsFree Agent$0.0046952419170.253
Adrian Sanchez 3BNationalsMinorsFree Agent$0.0034711906110.268
Ryan Raburn RFNationalsNot on RosterFree Agent$0.002565172760.262
Alejandro De Aza LFNationalsMinorsFree Agent$0.002862120891.194
José Lobatón CNationalsNot on RosterFree Agent$0.005114124411110.170
Victor Robles CFNationalsActiveFree Agent$0.00132460240.250
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