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Matt Harvey SPMetsActiveBig Chee$9.91740.41414361001172301.2633.863.52
Eugenio Suárez 3BRedsActiveDodger Blue$9.8150158408151211931140211.251.315.412.326
Marcus Stroman SPBlue JaysActiveOld Hoss$9.75742.79444351201193201.3013.943.71
Rick Porcello SPRed SoxActiveWith the 5th Pick Truck Selects$9.64941.0042533802193201.2374.103.87
Gio González SPNationalsActiveWith the 5th Pick Truck Selects$9.58940.83404381511183201.3483.943.63
Adam Wainwright SPCardinalsActiveOld Hoss$9.43843.91454341311193201.3173.933.71
Albert Pujols 1B/DHAngelsActiveDodger Blue$9.3542142356071182210122110.249.310.431.323
Grégory Polanco LF/RFPiratesActivePoison Pills$9.1757124327131191651121010.262.326.421.335
John Lackey SPCubsNot on$8.97940.38405351211183201.2693.983.85
Collin McHugh SPAstrosActivePoison Pills$8.89841.70435371201193201.3214.143.81
Cody Allen RPIndiansActiveTexas BigSticks$8.762116.371421961071181.2583.643.31
Tanner Roark SPNationalsActiveMoneyball$8.671141.16414311212183201.3053.983.93
Yasmani Grandal CDodgersActiveWith the 5th Pick Truck Selects$8.5539118275050141700190110.230.335.413.331
David Price SPRed SoxActiveBig Chee$8.52632.3632431701132101.1993.723.38
Rich Hill SPDodgersActiveWith the 5th Pick Truck Selects$8.501428.63252311102113201.2573.443.27
Ben Zobrist 2B/LF/RFCubsActiveRoto Value$8.4044158419141231821232111.263.354.406.340
Tony Watson RPDodgersNot on RosterFree Agent$8.362120.572021760191181.2823.943.85
Jason Hammel SPRoyalsActivePoison Pills$8.23945.24467381402233301.3274.524.35
Josh Bell 1BPiratesActiveFree Agent$8.1662159438240192011182111.270.345.420.333
Ervin Santana SPTwinsActiveOld Hoss$8.04843.92455351411203201.3454.143.99
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