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Brad Hand RPIndiansActiveFree Agent$15.7878.1171930030031.2313.723.46
Ken Giles RPBlue JaysActiveFree Agent$15.6376.4561820020031.2343.423.04
Luke Weaver SPCardinalsActiveFree Agent$15.57212.251111230041101.1683.232.90
Elvis Andrus*News*SSRangersActiveFree Agent$15.511558163011872140010.279.328.415.339
Gerrit Cole SPAstrosActiveFree Agent$15.41317.041721650171101.2653.933.65
Dallas Keuchel SPAstrosNot on RosterFree Agent$15.36316.231621450071101.2603.733.65
Brian Dozier 2BDodgersNot on RosterFree Agent$15.181557143030981060100.255.329.465.348
Robinson CanĂ³ 2BMarinersActiveFree Agent$15.051662173031890051100.277.330.455.345
Jordan Montgomery SPYankeesActiveFree Agent$14.70314.921411450061101.2663.643.43
Josh Bell 1BPiratesActiveFree Agent$14.411656163120890081010.284.367.465.363
German Marquez SPRockiesActiveFree Agent$14.18318.151821650181101.2714.073.74
Alex Claudio RPRangersActiveFree Agent$14.0367.8481620031031.2333.443.32
Andrew Miller RPIndiansNot on RosterFree Agent$14.0167.44611020031011.0933.052.75
Robbie Ray SPDiamondbacksActiveFree Agent$13.89315.791421960171101.2963.953.57
Jake Junis SPRoyalsActiveFree Agent$13.81316.761721640171101.2273.953.69
Joey Gallo 1B/3B/LFRangersActiveFree Agent$13.591351122040991080100.228.343.513.369
Trey Mancini 1B/LFOriolesActiveFree Agent$13.541452153020770040000.297.352.495.368
Odubel Herrera CFPhilliesActiveFree Agent$13.401656163010852140100.287.344.435.348
Blake Snell SPRaysActiveFree Agent$13.37316.511521870071101.3273.743.50
Lane Adams LFBravesNot on RosterFree Agent$13.111444122010663040000.267.333.422.344
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