Player Search - 2018 5x5 Mixed League - $260 cap

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Ildemaro Vargas 2BDiamondbacksActiveFree Agent$-33.62141940011241010000.211.250.368.328
Christian Walker 1BDiamondbacksActiveFree Agent$-33.83374982030661030100.163.226.388.269
Deven Marrero 3B/SSDiamondbacksNot on RosterFree Agent$-34.6849781311001173060010.
Sócrates Brito CFDiamondbacksActiveFree Agent$-34.81244070010330130010.
Galli Cribbs SSDiamondbacksNot on RosterFree Agent$-35.610000000000000000.
Mark Karaviotis SSDiamondbacksNot on RosterFree Agent$-35.610000000000000000.
Domingo Leyba 2BDiamondbacksActiveFree Agent$-35.610000000000000000.
Evan Marzilli CFDiamondbacksNot on RosterFree Agent$-35.610000000000000000.
Kevin Medrano 2BDiamondbacksNot on RosterFree Agent$-35.610000000000000000.
Daniel Robertson CFDiamondbacksMinorsFree Agent$-35.610000000000000000.
Luis Silverio LFDiamondbacksNot on RosterFree Agent$-35.610000000000000000.
Marty Herum 3BDiamondbacksNot on RosterFree Agent$-35.850000000000000000.
Ramon Flores RFDiamondbacksNot on RosterFree Agent$-36.040000000000000000.
Cesar Puello RFDiamondbacksNot on RosterFree Agent$-36.040000000000000000.
Yasmany Tomás LF/RFDiamondbacksMinorsFree Agent$-36.040000000000000000.
Rey Fuentes CF/LFDiamondbacksMinorsFree Agent$-36.040000000000000000.
Kevin Cron 1BDiamondbacksActiveFree Agent$-36.990000000000000000.
Rudy Flores 1BDiamondbacksNot on RosterFree Agent$-36.990000000000000000.
Patrick Kivlehan 3B/RFDiamondbacksNot on RosterFree Agent$-37.4091330200300000100.231.286.538.343
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