2021 Player Search - 2021 4x4 AL League - $260 Cap

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Cory Abbott SPCubsActiveFree Agent$0.000
Albert Abreu SPYankeesActiveFree Agent$0.000
Bryan Abreu RPAstrosActiveFree Agent$0.000
José Abreu 1BWhite SoxActiveFree Agent$0.000
Ronald Acuña Jr. RFBravesActiveFree Agent$0.000
Jason Adam SPCubsActiveFree Agent$0.000
Willy Adames SSRaysActiveFree Agent$0.000
Austin Adams SPPadresActiveFree Agent$0.000
Riley Adams CBlue JaysActiveFree Agent$0.000
Jo Adell CFAngelsActiveFree Agent$0.000
Micker Adolfo RFWhite SoxActiveFree Agent$0.000
Joan Adon SPNationalsActiveFree Agent$0.000
Jesús Aguilar 1BMarlinsActiveFree Agent$0.000
Nick Ahmed SSDiamondbacksActiveFree Agent$0.000
Keegan Akin SPOriolesActiveFree Agent$0.000
Shogo Akiyama CFRedsActiveFree Agent$0.000
Hanser Alberto 2BOriolesNot on RosterFree Agent$0.000
Ozzie Albies 2BBravesActiveFree Agent$0.000
Jorge Alcala SPTwinsActiveFree Agent$0.000
Sandy Alcantara SPMarlinsActiveFree Agent$0.000
Sergio Alcántara SSTigersActiveFree Agent$0.000
Scott Alexander RPDodgersActiveFree Agent$0.000
Tyler Alexander SPTigersActiveFree Agent$0.000
A.J. Alexy SPRangersActiveFree Agent$0.000
Jorge Alfaro CMarlinsActiveFree Agent$0.000
Anthony Alford NonePiratesActiveFree Agent$0.000
Kolby Allard SPRangersActiveFree Agent$0.000
Austin Allen CAthleticsActiveFree Agent$0.000
Greg Allen RFYankeesActiveFree Agent$0.000
Logan Allen SPIndiansActiveFree Agent$0.000
Abraham Almonte NoneBravesActiveFree Agent$0.000
Yency Almonte RPRockiesActiveFree Agent$0.000
Pete Alonso 1BMetsActiveFree Agent$0.000
Dan Altavilla RPPadresActiveFree Agent$0.000
Jose Altuve 2BAstrosActiveFree Agent$0.000
José Alvarado RPPhilliesActiveFree Agent$0.000
Yordan Alvarez DHAstrosActiveFree Agent$0.000
Adbert Alzolay SPCubsActiveFree Agent$0.000
Miguel Amaya CCubsActiveFree Agent$0.000
Miguel Andújar DHYankeesActiveFree Agent$0.000
Brian Anderson 3BMarlinsActiveFree Agent$0.000
Ian Anderson SPBravesActiveFree Agent$0.000
Nick Anderson RPRaysActiveFree Agent$0.000
Shaun Anderson RPGiantsActiveFree Agent$0.000
Tim Anderson SSWhite SoxActiveFree Agent$0.000
Matt Andriese SPRed SoxActiveFree Agent$0.000
Elvis Andrus SSRangersActiveFree Agent$0.000
Tejay Antone SPRedsActiveFree Agent$0.000
Yasel Antuna SSNationalsActiveFree Agent$0.000
Sherten Apostel 3BRangersActiveFree Agent$0.000
Aristides Aquino RFRedsActiveFree Agent$0.000
Jonathan Araúz NoneRed SoxActiveFree Agent$0.000
Víctor Arano RPBravesActiveFree Agent$0.000
Orlando Arcia SSBrewersActiveFree Agent$0.000
Nolan Arenado 3BRockiesActiveFree Agent$0.000
Gabriel Arias SPIndiansActiveFree Agent$0.000
Kohei Arihara SPRangersActiveFree Agent$0.000
Rogelio Armenteros RPNationalsActiveFree Agent$0.000
Shawn Armstrong RPOriolesActiveFree Agent$0.000
Randy Arozarena CFRaysActiveFree Agent$0.000
Luis Arraez 2BTwinsActiveFree Agent$0.000
Christian Arroyo NoneRed SoxActiveFree Agent$0.000
Willians Astudillo NoneTwinsActiveFree Agent$0.000
Yoan Aybar CFRockiesActiveFree Agent$0.000
Dakota Bacus SPNationalsActiveFree Agent$0.000
Akil Baddoo RFTigersActiveFree Agent$0.000
Harrison Bader CFCardinalsActiveFree Agent$0.000
Michel Baez RPPadresActiveFree Agent$0.000
Brandon Bailey SPRedsActiveFree Agent$0.000
Jordan Balazovic SPTwinsActiveFree Agent$0.000
Rylan Bannon 3BOriolesActiveFree Agent$0.000
Caleb Baragar SPGiantsActiveFree Agent$0.000
Daniel Bard RPRockiesActiveFree Agent$0.000
Luke Bard RPAngelsActiveFree Agent$0.000
Scott Barlow RPRoyalsActiveFree Agent$0.000
Austin Barnes CDodgersActiveFree Agent$0.000
Jacob Barnes RPMetsActiveFree Agent$0.000
Matt Barnes RPRed SoxActiveFree Agent$0.000
Tucker Barnhart CRedsActiveFree Agent$0.000
Luis Barrera CFAthleticsActiveFree Agent$0.000
Tres Barrera CNationalsActiveFree Agent$0.000
Franklin Barreto 2BAngelsActiveFree Agent$0.000
Jaime Barria SPAngelsActiveFree Agent$0.000
Joey Bart CGiantsActiveFree Agent$0.000
Luis Alexander Basabe CFGiantsActiveFree Agent$0.000
Tyler Bashlor RPPiratesActiveFree Agent$0.000
Anthony Bass*News*RPMarlinsActiveFree Agent$0.000
Chris Bassitt SPAthleticsActiveFree Agent$0.000
Jake Bauers NoneIndiansActiveFree Agent$0.000
Michael Baumann SPOriolesActiveFree Agent$0.000
Eduard Bazardo SPRed SoxActiveFree Agent$0.000
Javier Báez SSCubsActiveFree Agent$0.000
Pedro Báez RPAstrosActiveFree Agent$0.000
Jeremy Beasley RPDiamondbacksActiveFree Agent$0.000
Matt Beaty NoneDodgersActiveFree Agent$0.000
David Bednar SPPiratesActiveFree Agent$0.000
Tyler Beede SPGiantsActiveFree Agent$0.000
Jalen Beeks SPRaysActiveFree Agent$0.000
Josh Bell*News*1BNationalsActiveFree Agent$0.000
Cody Bellinger CFDodgersActiveFree Agent$0.000
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