2013 Going 9 5x5 AL H2H Standings

From to
Sun 31-Mar-2013 to Mon 30-Sep-2013
Bumping Ugglas 102.0015520.727
The Clown Questions 65.0013450.705
Yu mad bro? 68.0013540.682
Woodies 84.0012630.643
RotoValue 90.5011650.614
Evil Empire 57.0091030.477
@Whudey 43.0091030.477
The Roto Wizards 64.0091120.455
Melky Discharge 59.0071050.432
D-Rays Rule 79.5041260.318
Road to Glory 31.0051430.295
@calysgaming 37.0031710.167
TeamHome Runs TeamRuns TeamRuns Batted In TeamStolen Bases
Bumping Ugglas179  Woodies778  Bumping Ugglas776  RotoValue159
RotoValue178  Bumping Ugglas773  RotoValue743  Woodies148
The Clown Questions176  The Clown Questions760  The Roto Wizards698  Bumping Ugglas110
The Roto Wizards176  RotoValue740  Evil Empire680  D-Rays Rule99
Road to Glory171  Evil Empire689  Woodies665  The Clown Questions99
D-Rays Rule169  D-Rays Rule682  D-Rays Rule661  Evil Empire98
Yu mad bro?164  The Roto Wizards673  Yu mad bro?658  Melky Discharge84
Woodies163  Yu mad bro?664  The Clown Questions643  Yu mad bro?82
Evil Empire160  Melky Discharge584  Road to Glory637  The Roto Wizards73
Melky Discharge140  @Whudey583  Melky Discharge575  @Whudey65
@calysgaming135  Road to Glory562  @Whudey493  Road to Glory57
@Whudey128  @calysgaming558  @calysgaming480  @calysgaming52
TeamAverage TeamStrikeouts TeamWins TeamSaves
D-Rays Rule.270  Bumping Ugglas1085  Bumping Ugglas79  D-Rays Rule94
Bumping Ugglas.26814  Woodies1002  Woodies69  Yu mad bro?72
Woodies.26808  @Whudey910  @Whudey64  The Clown Questions70
RotoValue.264  Melky Discharge825  Yu mad bro?58  The Roto Wizards55
Evil Empire.263  RotoValue821  Evil Empire51  Woodies50
@calysgaming.261  Yu mad bro?782  Melky Discharge50  RotoValue47
Melky Discharge.25806  The Roto Wizards774  The Roto Wizards50  Melky Discharge47
Yu mad bro?.25805  The Clown Questions733  The Clown Questions49  Evil Empire42
Road to Glory.252  Evil Empire699  Road to Glory46  Bumping Ugglas36
The Roto Wizards.2508  Road to Glory696  RotoValue39  @Whudey23
The Clown Questions.2507  @calysgaming577  @calysgaming37  Road to Glory6
@Whudey.239  D-Rays Rule532  D-Rays Rule31  @calysgaming1
TeamWalks + Hits / Innings TeamEarned Run Average
D-Rays Rule1.088  D-Rays Rule2.65
RotoValue1.153  @calysgaming3.32
Bumping Ugglas1.208  RotoValue3.40
@calysgaming1.219  Yu mad bro?3.46
Melky Discharge1.229  Bumping Ugglas3.49
The Roto Wizards1.247  Melky Discharge3.74
The Clown Questions1.279  @Whudey3.80
Yu mad bro?1.280  Woodies3.85
@Whudey1.282  The Clown Questions3.87
Woodies1.319  The Roto Wizards4.07
Evil Empire1.409  Evil Empire4.38
Road to Glory1.476  Road to Glory4.83