2013 Going 9 5x5 AL H2H Standings - Drafted Rosters

From to
Sun 31-Mar-2013 to Mon 30-Sep-2013
Bumping Ugglas 92.0016420.773
Woodies 90.5013530.690
The Roto Wizards 80.0013810.614
Melky Discharge 61.0012820.591
D-Rays Rule 80.5012910.568
Evil Empire 63.5011920.545
The Clown Questions 56.009940.500
Road to Glory 47.0081130.432
RotoValue 68.5081310.386
Yu mad bro? 63.0061420.318
@calysgaming 39.0041250.310
@Whudey 39.0041440.273
TeamHome Runs TeamRuns TeamRuns Batted In TeamStolen Bases
Road to Glory213  Woodies753  Road to Glory764  Woodies114
The Roto Wizards206  Bumping Ugglas717  The Roto Wizards723  Bumping Ugglas109
Bumping Ugglas173  The Roto Wizards716  Bumping Ugglas720  RotoValue108
Woodies164  Road to Glory681  Evil Empire660  The Clown Questions93
Evil Empire161  Evil Empire668  Woodies660  D-Rays Rule91
RotoValue160  D-Rays Rule650  RotoValue633  Evil Empire86
D-Rays Rule155  The Clown Questions591  D-Rays Rule633  Yu mad bro?69
Yu mad bro?135  RotoValue574  Yu mad bro?563  The Roto Wizards67
The Clown Questions134  Yu mad bro?561  Melky Discharge536  @Whudey59
Melky Discharge133  Melky Discharge539  The Clown Questions495  Melky Discharge57
@calysgaming127  @calysgaming529  @calysgaming482  Road to Glory53
@Whudey106  @Whudey408  @Whudey383  @calysgaming48
TeamAverage TeamStrikeouts TeamWins TeamSaves
RotoValue.2734  Woodies1002  Bumping Ugglas75  D-Rays Rule94
Bumping Ugglas.2727  @Whudey963  Woodies69  The Roto Wizards79
D-Rays Rule.270  Bumping Ugglas926  @Whudey67  The Clown Questions63
Woodies.2674  Melky Discharge919  Evil Empire58  Yu mad bro?54
Melky Discharge.2670  RotoValue714  Melky Discharge57  Woodies50
@calysgaming.265  Evil Empire694  The Roto Wizards56  RotoValue45
Evil Empire.2610  The Clown Questions681  Yu mad bro?52  Evil Empire41
Yu mad bro?.2608  Yu mad bro?652  The Clown Questions49  Melky Discharge39
Road to Glory.259  The Roto Wizards648  D-Rays Rule41  Bumping Ugglas36
The Roto Wizards.255  D-Rays Rule645  Road to Glory40  @Whudey3
The Clown Questions.251  @calysgaming577  @calysgaming37  Road to Glory2
@Whudey.249  Road to Glory536  RotoValue31  @calysgaming1
TeamWalks + Hits / Innings TeamEarned Run Average
D-Rays Rule1.077  D-Rays Rule2.99
The Roto Wizards1.164  Yu mad bro?3.22
@calysgaming1.219  @calysgaming3.32
Melky Discharge1.220  Melky Discharge3.61
RotoValue1.245  Bumping Ugglas3.65
Yu mad bro?1.249  The Roto Wizards3.76
The Clown Questions1.270  Woodies3.85
Bumping Ugglas1.272  The Clown Questions3.86
@Whudey1.295  RotoValue3.91
Woodies1.319  @Whudey3.92
Evil Empire1.327  Evil Empire4.21
Road to Glory1.422  Road to Glory4.24