2013 Going 9 5x5 AL H2H Standings

From to
Mon 30-Sep-2013 to Mon 30-Sep-2013
Evil Empire 86.000000.000
Yu mad bro? 76.000000.000
Woodies 73.000000.000
D-Rays Rule 65.500000.000
@Whudey 64.500000.000
The Clown Questions 61.500000.000
Bumping Ugglas 60.000000.000
@calysgaming 60.000000.000
Road to Glory 60.000000.000
Melky Discharge 60.000000.000
RotoValue 60.000000.000
The Roto Wizards 53.500000.000
TeamHome Runs TeamRuns TeamRuns Batted In TeamStolen Bases
Evil Empire1  Evil Empire2  Evil Empire3  Yu mad bro?1
RotoValue0  Yu mad bro?1  Woodies1  RotoValue0
D-Rays Rule0  @Whudey1  RotoValue0  D-Rays Rule0
Melky Discharge0  RotoValue0  D-Rays Rule0  Evil Empire0
Road to Glory0  D-Rays Rule0  Melky Discharge0  Melky Discharge0
The Clown Questions0  Melky Discharge0  Road to Glory0  Road to Glory0
The Roto Wizards0  Road to Glory0  The Clown Questions0  The Clown Questions0
Woodies0  The Clown Questions0  The Roto Wizards0  The Roto Wizards0
Yu mad bro?0  The Roto Wizards0  Yu mad bro?0  Woodies0
@Whudey0  Woodies0  @Whudey0  @Whudey0
@calysgaming0  @calysgaming0  @calysgaming0  @calysgaming0
Bumping Ugglas0  Bumping Ugglas0  Bumping Ugglas0  Bumping Ugglas0
TeamAverage TeamStrikeouts TeamWins TeamSaves
Woodies.500  The Roto Wizards5  The Clown Questions1  RotoValue0
Evil Empire.333  The Clown Questions4  RotoValue0  D-Rays Rule0
D-Rays Rule.222  @Whudey2  D-Rays Rule0  Evil Empire0
Yu mad bro?.200  RotoValue0  Evil Empire0  Melky Discharge0
RotoValue.000  D-Rays Rule0  Melky Discharge0  Road to Glory0
Melky Discharge.000  Evil Empire0  Road to Glory0  The Clown Questions0
Road to Glory.000  Melky Discharge0  The Roto Wizards0  The Roto Wizards0
The Clown Questions.000  Road to Glory0  Woodies0  Woodies0
The Roto Wizards.000  Woodies0  Yu mad bro?0  Yu mad bro?0
@Whudey.000  Yu mad bro?0  @Whudey0  @Whudey0
@calysgaming.000  @calysgaming0  @calysgaming0  @calysgaming0
Bumping Ugglas.000  Bumping Ugglas0  Bumping Ugglas0  Bumping Ugglas0
TeamWalks + Hits / Innings TeamEarned Run Average
RotoValue0.000  RotoValue0.00
D-Rays Rule0.000  D-Rays Rule0.00
Evil Empire0.000  Evil Empire0.00
Melky Discharge0.000  Melky Discharge0.00
Road to Glory0.000  Road to Glory0.00
Woodies0.000  Woodies0.00
Yu mad bro?0.000  Yu mad bro?0.00
@calysgaming0.000  @Whudey0.00
Bumping Ugglas0.000  @calysgaming0.00
The Clown Questions0.889  Bumping Ugglas0.00
@Whudey1.000  The Clown Questions2.00
The Roto Wizards1.125  The Roto Wizards5.06