2013 Going 9 5x5 AL H2H Standings

From to
Tue 24-Sep-2013 to Mon 30-Sep-2013
D-Rays Rule 92.000000.000
Bumping Ugglas 89.000000.000
RotoValue 85.000000.000
Melky Discharge 76.000000.000
Evil Empire 73.000000.000
Yu mad bro? 67.000000.000
The Roto Wizards 62.000000.000
@Whudey 53.500000.000
@calysgaming 53.000000.000
Woodies 48.500000.000
Road to Glory 43.500000.000
The Clown Questions 37.500000.000
TeamHome Runs TeamRuns TeamRuns Batted In TeamStolen Bases
Bumping Ugglas9  Evil Empire34  Evil Empire33  The Roto Wizards5
RotoValue7  Bumping Ugglas24  Bumping Ugglas28  @calysgaming4
Evil Empire7  D-Rays Rule23  RotoValue25  Evil Empire3
D-Rays Rule6  Yu mad bro?22  Melky Discharge23  Melky Discharge3
Yu mad bro?6  RotoValue20  D-Rays Rule19  Yu mad bro?3
Road to Glory5  The Roto Wizards18  Yu mad bro?19  RotoValue2
Melky Discharge4  Woodies18  Woodies18  The Clown Questions2
The Clown Questions4  Melky Discharge16  The Roto Wizards16  Woodies2
The Roto Wizards4  @Whudey16  Road to Glory15  @Whudey2
Woodies4  @calysgaming15  The Clown Questions12  Bumping Ugglas2
@Whudey3  The Clown Questions14  @calysgaming11  D-Rays Rule1
@calysgaming1  Road to Glory11  @Whudey10  Road to Glory0
TeamAverage TeamStrikeouts TeamWins TeamSaves
Bumping Ugglas.303  RotoValue52  D-Rays Rule3  D-Rays Rule6
D-Rays Rule.291  @Whudey41  Bumping Ugglas3  The Roto Wizards3
Melky Discharge.289  Bumping Ugglas37  RotoValue2  Woodies3
Road to Glory.260  Melky Discharge33  Evil Empire2  Yu mad bro?2
@calysgaming.257  The Clown Questions30  Road to Glory2  RotoValue1
RotoValue.253  Yu mad bro?30  The Clown Questions2  Evil Empire1
Evil Empire.247  D-Rays Rule26  @Whudey2  Melky Discharge1
The Roto Wizards.246  The Roto Wizards26  Melky Discharge1  @Whudey1
Woodies.244  Road to Glory23  The Roto Wizards1  Road to Glory0
The Clown Questions.237  Woodies22  Woodies1  The Clown Questions0
Yu mad bro?.215  Evil Empire20  Yu mad bro?1  @calysgaming0
@Whudey.206  @calysgaming16  @calysgaming1  Bumping Ugglas0
TeamWalks + Hits / Innings TeamEarned Run Average
D-Rays Rule0.806  D-Rays Rule0.81
Melky Discharge1.000  @calysgaming2.12
@calysgaming1.000  Melky Discharge2.35
RotoValue1.038  RotoValue2.89
@Whudey1.144  Bumping Ugglas2.972477064
The Roto Wizards1.180  Yu mad bro?2.974576271
Bumping Ugglas1.183  @Whudey2.974576271
Yu mad bro?1.297  Evil Empire3.04
Woodies1.484  Road to Glory3.24
Road to Glory1.560  The Roto Wizards3.34
Evil Empire1.613  Woodies4.65
The Clown Questions1.745  The Clown Questions8.82