2013 Going 9 5x5 AL H2H Standings

From to
Sun 29-Sep-2013 to Sun 29-Sep-2013
RotoValue 88.000000.000
Evil Empire 80.500000.000
Bumping Ugglas 79.000000.000
@Whudey 79.000000.000
D-Rays Rule 76.000000.000
Melky Discharge 73.500000.000
Yu mad bro? 59.000000.000
The Roto Wizards 59.000000.000
Woodies 53.500000.000
@calysgaming 50.000000.000
Road to Glory 48.000000.000
The Clown Questions 34.500000.000
TeamHome Runs TeamRuns TeamRuns Batted In TeamStolen Bases
Bumping Ugglas3  Evil Empire7  Bumping Ugglas7  RotoValue1
RotoValue2  D-Rays Rule6  @Whudey5  D-Rays Rule0
D-Rays Rule2  Melky Discharge6  Evil Empire4  Evil Empire0
@Whudey1  RotoValue5  Melky Discharge4  Melky Discharge0
Evil Empire0  Bumping Ugglas5  Woodies4  Road to Glory0
Melky Discharge0  The Roto Wizards2  RotoValue3  The Clown Questions0
Road to Glory0  @Whudey2  D-Rays Rule3  The Roto Wizards0
The Clown Questions0  @calysgaming2  @calysgaming3  Woodies0
The Roto Wizards0  The Clown Questions1  The Roto Wizards1  Yu mad bro?0
Woodies0  Yu mad bro?1  Yu mad bro?1  @Whudey0
Yu mad bro?0  Road to Glory0  Road to Glory0  @calysgaming0
@calysgaming0  Woodies0  The Clown Questions0  Bumping Ugglas0
TeamAverage TeamStrikeouts TeamWins TeamSaves
Melky Discharge.400  RotoValue17  Evil Empire1  D-Rays Rule1
Bumping Ugglas.342  @Whudey14  Road to Glory1  Evil Empire1
@calysgaming.312  Melky Discharge10  Yu mad bro?1  Woodies1
Woodies.259  Road to Glory10  RotoValue0  RotoValue0
RotoValue.250  Evil Empire8  D-Rays Rule0  Melky Discharge0
Evil Empire.242  D-Rays Rule6  Melky Discharge0  Road to Glory0
D-Rays Rule.231  Yu mad bro?4  The Clown Questions0  The Clown Questions0
@Whudey.219  Bumping Ugglas4  The Roto Wizards0  The Roto Wizards0
The Roto Wizards.120  The Clown Questions3  Woodies0  Yu mad bro?0
The Clown Questions.118  Woodies1  @Whudey0  @Whudey0
Yu mad bro?.091  @calysgaming1  @calysgaming0  @calysgaming0
Road to Glory.000  The Roto Wizards0  Bumping Ugglas0  Bumping Ugglas0
TeamWalks + Hits / Innings TeamEarned Run Average
The Roto Wizards0.000  The Roto Wizards0.00
RotoValue0.660  @Whudey0.82
@Whudey0.909  RotoValue1.08
Yu mad bro?1.050  Yu mad bro?1.35
Bumping Ugglas1.143  D-Rays Rule1.80
Melky Discharge1.200  Evil Empire3.52
D-Rays Rule1.400  Bumping Ugglas5.14
Evil Empire1.696  Melky Discharge5.40
Road to Glory2.000  Road to Glory5.62
@calysgaming2.250  Woodies9.00
Woodies3.000  @calysgaming13.50
The Clown Questions3.429  The Clown Questions15.43