2021 Ezra Stiles NBA League Projected Standings: RV Current Stats

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Actual data from Tue 22-Dec-2020 to Sun 16-May-2021. Set end date to Mon 17-May-2021 or later to see projected data.
Iavaronis 36648864
Team Erik 33866742
Schellackers 32472487
Buchanalia 32285575
Doppelganger 30317658
Team Lorin 20533216
The Sith Lords 17751121
Def Fresh Flow 16124333
TeamFG% TeamFT% TeamPoints
Team Erik48.65  Buchanalia81.84  Iavaronis21331
The Sith Lords48.13  Schellackers81.25  Doppelganger20873
Iavaronis47.90  Team Erik80.53  Team Erik20587
Team Lorin47.59  The Sith Lords78.81  Buchanalia19475
Schellackers47.36  Iavaronis78.61  Def Fresh Flow19450
Doppelganger47.27  Team Lorin77.28  Team Lorin19270
Buchanalia47.18  Def Fresh Flow76.40  Schellackers19052
Def Fresh Flow47.03  Doppelganger75.23  The Sith Lords18501
TeamRebounds TeamAssists TeamSteals + Blocks
Iavaronis7824  Schellackers5146  Doppelganger2138
Team Erik7623  Buchanalia5129  Schellackers2104
Doppelganger7557  Iavaronis4660  Team Lorin2079
Buchanalia7524  Doppelganger4654  Buchanalia1956
Schellackers7353  Team Erik4301  Iavaronis1946
Def Fresh Flow7304  Def Fresh Flow4282  Def Fresh Flow1930
Team Lorin6819  The Sith Lords3798  Team Erik1898
The Sith Lords6362  Team Lorin3479  The Sith Lords1744