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RotoValue.com is created by Geoff Buchan.

Geoff spent nearly two decades developing financial analysis software at Bloomberg L.P., the private company of New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg. He also has had a life-long interest in sports and sports statistics, which naturally led him to start playing Rotisserie baseball in college. As a hobby, he started to create some web pages to show standings for his leagues:

These leagues used to use other paid stats services, but Geoff maintained his own site in parallel, and compared the data. Then in 2009, after fixing a scoring change in a Yankees/Red Sox game, he discovered the stats site the league was paying for did not fix the change. Several owners in the league all responded to customer service of this company, but their response was that they could not apply scoring changes that happen more than 5 days after the game. Geoff was amazed that a major company being paid to provide fantasy sports statistics would not correct numbers, yet it was easy to fix on his hobby site.

Geoff also developed a pricing model for fantasy sports which, given some set of statistics, could estimate what an owner should pay for a given player. Originally Geoff just used this model for his own auction preparation, but the data needed to run the model were the same data needed for a standings site: statistics, scoring categories and weights, league roster sizes, number of teams, and position eligibility. So he thought he should try to combine the two into a single site.

Thus RotoValue.com was born, with two main goals:

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