Detail: Yasiel Puig

TeamDodgersPositionRFDepth 1st at RF
BatsRThrowsRRoto Transactions
Roto StatusFree AgentPro StatusActive


Total MLB58720555788530526845.281
2017 Projections
RV Current1384581211963619.265

2017 Game Log

2017-10-01@ ColRF100100.000
2017-09-30@ ColRF2214201.000
2017-09-29@ ColRF300000.000
2017-09-27v SDRF321120.667
2017-09-26v SDRF310000.333
2017-09-23v SFRF400000.000
2017-09-22v SFRF000000.000
2017-09-21@ PhiRF410010.250
2017-09-20@ PhiRF520000.400
2017-09-18@ PhiRF400000.000
2017-09-17@ WasRF410101.250
2017-09-16@ WasRF400000.000
2017-09-15@ WasRF421110.500
2017-09-13@ SFRF420001.500
2017-09-12@ SFRF520020.400
2017-09-11@ SFRF521210.400
2017-09-10v ColPH,RF100000.000
2017-09-09v ColRF420020.500
2017-09-08v ColRF400000.000
2017-09-07v ColRF310010.333
2017-09-06v AriRF310000.333
2017-09-04v AriRF300000.000
2017-09-03@ SDRF420000.500
2017-09-02@ SDPH,RF100000.000
2017-09-02@ SDRF310000.333
2017-09-01@ SDRF300001.000
2017-08-31@ AriRF400000.000
2017-08-30@ AriRF310020.333
2017-08-29@ AriRF311210.333
2017-08-27v MilPH100000.000
2017-08-26v MilRF310000.333
2017-08-25v MilRF421110.500
2017-08-24@ PitRF420100.500
2017-08-23@ PitRF310000.333
2017-08-22@ PitRF420200.500
2017-08-21@ PitRF521110.400
2017-08-20@ DetRF200000.000
2017-08-19@ DetPH,RF200000.000
2017-08-18@ DetRF510000.200
2017-08-16v CWSRF310020.333
2017-08-15v CWSRF200100.000
2017-08-13v SDRF300000.000
2017-08-12v SDRF300100.000
2017-08-11v SDRF100000.000
2017-08-10@ AriRF100000.000
2017-08-09@ AriRF210010.500
2017-08-08@ AriRF410000.250
2017-08-06@ NYMRF300100.000
2017-08-05@ NYMRF311110.333
2017-08-04@ NYMRF411110.250
2017-08-03@ AtlRF300100.000
2017-08-02@ AtlRF320100.667
2017-08-01@ AtlRF420201.500
2017-07-30v SFRF520010.400
2017-07-29v SFRF300000.000
2017-07-28v SFPH100010.000
2017-07-26v MinRF411110.250
2017-07-25v MinRF430110.750
2017-07-24v MinRF320100.667
2017-07-23v AtlPH100000.000
2017-07-22v AtlRF310001.333
2017-07-21v AtlRF300010.000
2017-07-20v AtlRF400000.000
2017-07-19@ CWSRF420101.500
2017-07-18@ CWSRF400000.000
2017-07-16@ MiaPH100000.000
2017-07-15@ MiaRF200000.000
2017-07-14@ MiaRF422240.500
2017-07-09v KCRF300000.000
2017-07-08v KCRF310000.333
2017-07-07v KCRF421110.500
2017-07-06v AriRF410100.250
2017-07-05v AriPH,RF100000.000
2017-07-04v AriRF400000.000
2017-07-02@ SDRF420100.500
2017-07-01@ SDRF100000.000
2017-06-30@ SDRF410000.250
2017-06-29@ LAARF421110.500
2017-06-28@ LAARF400000.000
2017-06-26v LAARF420000.500
2017-06-25v ColPH100000.000
2017-06-24v ColRF210000.500
2017-06-23v ColRF211110.500
2017-06-22v NYMRF300000.000
2017-06-21v NYMRF311130.333
2017-06-20v NYMRF420200.500
2017-06-18@ CinRF500000.000
2017-06-17@ CinRF422230.500
2017-06-16@ CinRF200000.000
2017-06-15@ CleRF420110.500
2017-06-14@ CleRF410000.250
2017-06-13@ CleRF421121.500
2017-06-11v CinRF300100.000
2017-06-10v CinRF420200.500
2017-06-09v CinRF200000.000
2017-06-07v WasRF300000.000
2017-06-06v WasRF410000.250
2017-06-05v WasRF200000.000
2017-06-04@ MilPH100000.000
2017-06-03@ MilRF420022.500
2017-06-02@ MilRF420000.500
2017-06-01@ StLRF310000.333
2017-05-30@ StLRF400010.000
2017-05-29@ StLRF320110.667
2017-05-28v ChCPH,RF421220.500
2017-05-27v ChCRF400000.000
2017-05-26v ChCRF300000.000
2017-05-25v StLRF410111.250
2017-05-24v StLRF300000.000
2017-05-23v StLRF500000.000
2017-05-21v MiaPH100000.000
2017-05-19v MiaRF100100.000
2017-05-18v MiaRF211220.500
2017-05-17@ SFRF410021.250
2017-05-16@ SFRF300000.000
2017-05-15@ SFRF200000.000
2017-05-14@ ColRF521210.400
2017-05-12@ ColRF310100.333
2017-05-11@ ColRF500100.000
2017-05-10v PitRF310000.333
2017-05-09v PitRF510001.200
2017-05-08v PitRF421110.500
2017-05-06@ SDRF410010.250
2017-05-05@ SDRF520101.400
2017-05-03v SFRF400100.000
2017-05-02v SFRF530240.600
2017-05-01v SFRF400000.000
2017-04-30v PhiRF400000.000
2017-04-29v PhiRF411110.250
2017-04-27@ SFRF500000.000
2017-04-26@ SFRF320000.667
2017-04-25@ SFRF310010.333
2017-04-24@ SFRF310000.333
2017-04-23@ AriRF400000.000
2017-04-22@ AriRF410100.250
2017-04-21@ AriRF400000.000
2017-04-19v ColRF400000.000
2017-04-18v ColRF510000.200
2017-04-17v AriRF300000.000
2017-04-16v AriRF410010.250
2017-04-15v AriRF3311411.000
2017-04-14v AriRF210110.500
2017-04-13@ ChCRF310000.333
2017-04-12@ ChCRF410000.250
2017-04-10@ ChCRF300000.000
2017-04-09@ ColRF500000.000
2017-04-08@ ColRF420000.500
2017-04-07@ ColRF300000.000
2017-04-06v SDRF322341.667
2017-04-05v SDRF321110.667
2017-04-04v SDRF300000.000
2017-04-03v SDRF310100.333

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