Detail: Edwin Encarnación

TeamIndiansPositionDHDepth 2nd at 1B, 1st at DH
BatsRThrowsRRoto Transactions
Roto StatusFree AgentPro StatusActive


2016Blue Jays16060115842991272.2630.000000000.0000.00
2015Blue Jays14652814639941113.2770.000000000.0000.00
2014Blue Jays1284771283475982.2680.000000000.0000.00
2013Blue Jays14253014436901047.2720.000000000.0000.00
2012Blue Jays151542152429311013.2800.000000000.0000.00
2011Blue Jays1344811311770558.2720.000000000.0000.00
2010Blue Jays96332812147511.2440.000000000.0000.00
2009Blue Jays4215437825231.240
Total MLB163058261544337899101358.265
2017 Projections
RV Current1544221082564772.255

2017 Game Log

2017-08-17@ MinDH300000.000
2017-08-17@ MinDH310100.333
2017-08-15@ MinDH411110.250
2017-08-14@ BosDH422240.500
2017-08-13@ TBDH411110.250
2017-08-12@ TBDH420000.500
2017-08-11@ TBDH411110.250
2017-08-10@ TBDH300000.000
2017-08-09v ColDH300000.000
2017-08-08v ColDH200000.000
2017-08-06v NYYDH310000.333
2017-08-05v NYYDH400000.000
2017-08-04v NYYDH310020.333
2017-08-03v NYYDH410000.250
2017-08-01@ BosDH521120.400
2017-07-31@ BosDH400000.000
2017-07-30@ CWSDH300000.000
2017-07-29@ CWSDH410110.250
2017-07-28@ CWSDH400100.000
2017-07-27v LAADH310000.333
2017-07-26v LAADH200000.000
2017-07-25v LAADH421240.500
2017-07-24v CinDH410000.250
2017-07-23v TorDH310000.333
2017-07-22v TorDH300010.000
2017-07-21v TorDH431240.750
2017-07-19@ SFPH100000.000
2017-07-18@ SF1B310000.333
2017-07-17@ SF1B300000.000
2017-07-16@ OakDH400000.000
2017-07-15@ OakDH311220.333
2017-07-14@ OakDH400000.000
2017-07-09v DetDH320110.667
2017-07-08v DetDH400000.000
2017-07-07v Det1B400000.000
2017-07-06v SD1B541420.800
2017-07-05v SD1B400000.000
2017-07-04v SDDH300000.000
2017-07-02@ DetDH420221.500
2017-07-01@ DetDH300000.000
2017-07-01@ DetDH410110.250
2017-06-29v TexDH410110.250
2017-06-28v TexDH420010.500
2017-06-27v TexDH400000.000
2017-06-26v TexDH520200.400
2017-06-25v MinDH400000.000
2017-06-24v MinDH210000.500
2017-06-23v MinDH310000.333
2017-06-22@ BalDH520110.400
2017-06-21@ BalDH500000.000
2017-06-20@ BalDH421120.500
2017-06-19@ BalDH410410.250
2017-06-18@ MinDH432250.750
2017-06-17@ MinDH400000.000
2017-06-17@ MinDH210200.500
2017-06-16@ MinDH411230.250
2017-06-15v LADDH3314101.000
2017-06-14v LADDH310010.333
2017-06-13v LADDH300000.000
2017-06-11v CWSDH310100.333
2017-06-10v CWSDH421120.500
2017-06-09v CWSDH431220.750
2017-06-07@ ColPH100000.000
2017-06-04@ KCDH410100.250
2017-06-03@ KCDH400000.000
2017-06-02@ KCDH310000.333
2017-05-31v OakDH310000.333
2017-05-30v Oak1B420110.500
2017-05-29v OakDH411110.250
2017-05-28v KCDH410000.250
2017-05-27v KCDH420000.500
2017-05-26v KCDH410000.250
2017-05-24v CinDH310000.333
2017-05-23@ Cin1B422330.500
2017-05-22@ Cin1B410000.250
2017-05-21@ HouDH420310.500
2017-05-20@ Hou1B400000.000
2017-05-19@ HouDH411120.250
2017-05-17v TBDH300000.000
2017-05-16v TBDH421120.500
2017-05-15v TBDH500110.000
2017-05-14v MinDH400000.000
2017-05-13v MinDH400000.000
2017-05-12v MinDH300000.000
2017-05-10@ TorDH310100.333
2017-05-09@ TorDH300100.000
2017-05-08@ TorDH320000.667
2017-05-07@ KCDH310000.333
2017-05-06@ KC1B310000.333
2017-05-05@ KCDH421110.500
2017-05-03@ DetDH300000.000
2017-05-02@ DetDH400000.000
2017-05-01@ DetDH420010.500
2017-04-30v SeaDH400000.000
2017-04-29v SeaDH310100.333
2017-04-28v SeaDH300000.000
2017-04-27v HouDH311110.333
2017-04-26v HouDH310010.333
2017-04-25v HouDH300000.000
2017-04-23@ CWSDH300000.000
2017-04-22@ CWSDH521120.400
2017-04-21@ CWSDH300000.000
2017-04-20@ MinDH310000.333
2017-04-18@ MinDH311230.333
2017-04-17@ MinDH510010.200
2017-04-16v DetDH410001.250
2017-04-15v Det1B410100.250
2017-04-14v DetDH420100.500
2017-04-13v CWSDH300000.000
2017-04-12v CWSDH200000.000
2017-04-11v CWS1B400000.000
2017-04-09@ Ari1B320000.667
2017-04-08@ Ari1B400000.000
2017-04-07@ Ari1B410000.250
2017-04-05@ Tex1B400000.000
2017-04-04@ TexDH300000.000
2017-04-03@ Tex1B521210.400

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